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Mozilla Firefox can now automatically remove tracking from URLs

San Francisco: Mozilla’s latest Firefox browser update has a new feature that prevents sites such as Facebook from tracking users across websites.

According to Bleeping Computer, Mozilla Firefox 102 has been released with a new privacy feature that removes parameters from URLs used to track users across the web.

Many companies, such as Facebook, Marketo, Olytics, and HubSpot, use custom URL query parameters to track link clicks.

For example, the report states that Facebook is adding an fbclid query parameter to outbound links to track clicks.

With the release of Firefox 102, Mozilla has added a new “query parameter stripping” feature. This feature automatically removes various query parameters used for tracking when you open the URL, simply by clicking the link or pasting the URL into the address. bar.

This new feature is part of Firefox’s enhanced tracking protection.

To enable query parameter stripping, go to Firefox settings and go to[プライバシーとセキュリティ]Click to[拡張追跡保護]of[厳密]Change to. However, these tracking parameters are not removed in private mode, even if strict mode is enabled.

https://www.siasat.com/mozilla-firefox-can-now-automatically-remove-tracking-from-urls-2360976/ Mozilla Firefox can now automatically remove tracking from URLs

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