MP: Ukrainians say they have received Bulgarian weapons, but our government says they haven’

Atanas Atanasov, “Co-Chair of Democracy” Bulgaria(DB), “hypocrisy” fact Bulgaria Declares not to export weapons To UkraineAnd at the same time “According to the publication of the prestigious Ukrainian publication, Bulgarian products from the military-industrial complex are in the fourth place of supply to the countries invaded by Russia.”

“I don’t want to go into the details … there is hypocrisy here.” Atanasov talked about BNT. He added: “That is, our munitions industry is producing products that go there, but we are afraid to take a political position.”

The DB Co-Chair mentioned the Ukrainian media, but in the public sphere it has long been said through Bulgarian concessions and resales. arm Production has reached Ukraine. Kornelia Ninova, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, regularly insists: Bulgaria Do not export such goods to Ukraine Since the Minsk Agreement (2014-2015).

She has provided parliament with an interim report on Bulgarian exports since the government was founded last December. EU countries (Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain) export military products for 45,819,649 euros and other European countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Serbia, Switzerland) ) And Turkey-18,766,343 euros.

“Everyone sees Ukraine?? “ She asked.But she is from each of these destinations Bulgaria Export its goods and technologies and they will be redirected to Ukraine.

Today, Atanasov also pointed out that the DB will continue to insist that the Bulgarian parliament make a decision that the Council of Ministers promises to provide military assistance. Ukraine -Despite the resistance of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

“I see other political forces, including GERB, descending on this issue, with the exception of the BSP, which has publicly stated that it does not support this. When we are part of the world of democracy, I We cannot be part of it. There is fear in certain Bulgarian politics. September 9th will not come, so we must take a position. “ Atanasov said.

However, at this time, the positions of “continuing to change” (WCC) and “there are such people” (TISP) are unknown. Includes individual representatives of the WCC.Parliamentary Minister of Finance expressed his personal position “for” There was military support for Kieu, but no formal decision within the group. The Slavi Trifonov people (TISP) have also avoided this problem.

Meanwhile, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova said if parliament mandated military aid to the Council of Ministers. UkraineShe will not sign as minister, and socialists will leave the ruling coalition.

“When the government makes a decision, it will not depend on her.” Atanas Atanasov argued today.

In fact, the “democracy” decision BulgariaDoes not specify exactly what kind of support the government should send. Also, if it determines that only one cartridge can be sent, only one cartridge will be sent.

At the same time, EU Foreign Policy Officer Josep Borrell told the Bulgarian media Club Z: Bulgaria You may not be able to arm Ukraine Directly weaponsBut along with others, you can fund that weapon “neutral” EU member state, Hungary. “Both countries participate in EU funding through member states. arm Supply to Ukraine. “

“So I can’t say they aren’t involved. If they don’t participate, this isn’t possible because the decision would require unanimous consent. Bulgaria Agree to this decision and paid their share to raise € 1.5 billion arm Supplies, “ Borel said.

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/ ClubZ MP: Ukrainians say they have received Bulgarian weapons, but our government says they haven’

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