MPS Manager for Hot Water Over Sexist Remarks-English

(ANSA)-May 3 Rome-Siena Bank Monte dei Pas Kidisiena (MPS) top manager made a statement accused of being a sexist by staff while discussing ways to increase insurance policy sales. After that, it is soaked in hot water.

Pasquale Marquese, the bank’s chief commercial officer, is said to have repeated what he heard from the best salesmen, saying that the sales policy was like “pulling a girl.”

He is said to have said, “When you have to pull a girl, I try it with all of them, and it’s like one of them agrees.”

“The MPS manager was wrong and it was absolutely helpful to blame his words,” said Barbara Aurandi, Tuscan representative of the women’s division of Italy’s largest and most left-wing union CGIL. They may not be such a last word, but they will receive the same treatment in other cases. “(ANSA).

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