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Mr. M is the new Prime Minister of MANUU.No formal confirmation yet

By Badi-uz-Zamaan Mohd

It’s almost certain. The name of the new Prime Minister of Maurana Azad National University of Urdu (MANUU) has been confirmed. He is called by the name of Mr. M. He is also known as Shri Madhukarnath. However, according to his own explanation, he was born in Kerala as Mumuters Ali Khan.

Last month, a notice from the Ministry of Human Resources made this announcement. However, official sources say a formal “notice” will be announced shortly in this regard. The notice may include his actual name.

Former Finance Minister Philoz Bact Ahmed’s term ended a few months ago.

According to sources, Madukarunas is a well-known spiritual leader, educator and writer Shri Madukarunas. The term of office of the prime minister is three years. What is supposed to be Madhukarnath’s appointment has become a hot topic on the Internet. However, no official confirmation or announcement from the Ministry and MANUU has yet arrived. University staff are crowded with so-called news, but no one is willing to confirm or deny it. In fact, it is shared on the MANUUTA and university board of education websites.

According to his website, Shri Madhukarnath, or an addict, Shri M, founded The Satsang Foundation and was born into a Muslim family in Thiruvannathapuram. It also touches on the influence of the stories that the Sufi saints gave him, and “encounters with numerous Swamis.” In several interviews, he said he was born as Mumuters Ali Khan. In an interview with Asian etnews published on YouTube, he pointed out that he had not converted to any religion and that the “appearance” of a person was not an issue. What is important is your “inward”.

Shri Madhukarnath is the author of several books, including books on yoga, upanishads, and meditation. He is also writing a book on fiction. His story revolves around spirituality and brotherhood. He embarked on a Manabu Ecsta mission with an emphasis on interfaith harmony and “human unity.” In 2015, as part of his Manabu Ecsta mission, he launched The Walk of Hope, a padiatra over 7,500 km for peace and harmony. This culminated in Kashmir.

Last year, MANUU had a tug of war between the 5th Prime Minister, Firoz Bakht Ahmed, and the Deputy Prime Minister (VC) Mohammed Aslam Parvaiz. The former accused VCs of the time for corruption and allegedly indulged in certain irregularities, while the latter flatly refused. He also wrote to Indian President Ram Nath Kovind that he would not attend the convocation of the university.

The former prime minister, who once called himself “Prime Minister Chokidar,” was critical of the peasant’s protests. He also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing his support and writing that the peasants were destroyers and anti-national.

Currently, Ahmed has expressed support for the Baratya Janata Party and the Government of Yogia Ditianas in Uttar Pradesh. The state will go to polls next month.

https://www.siasat.com/mr-m-is-the-new-chancellor-of-manuu-no-official-confirmation-yet-2263193/ Mr. M is the new Prime Minister of MANUU.No formal confirmation yet

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