Mourning ceremony MS. STEPHANIE HELEN STURRUP New Providence will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 10 am at the Victory Baptist Church in Sea Breeze, New Providence. The moderator will be Rev. Ivan Carrie. The burial will take place at Woodlawn Gardens on Solidar Road in Nassau, New Providence.

She died to her Father and mother : Eugene Leroy and Zenia Helen Grist-Heastie; sister: Sherry Diane Hasty; Brother: Patrick Ernest Bailey II; uncle: Father Peter Grist, Hugh Bethel, Stephen Bethel, Paul Cumberbatch, Kenneth Carey, Wilfred Minnis, George Albury; 5 aunt: Judy and Elizabeth Bethel, Remerda Johnson, Barbara Albury, Grace Cumberbatch, Wallis Sargent, cousin: Dania.

Your precious memories will remain in her heart sister: Viola M. Heastie-Knowles; niece: Zenia (Creswell) Roll and Sherry (Kevin) Sterling; Nephew’s: Meco (Nakiya) Knowles of Los Angeles, California, William R. Heastie, and Patrick Ernest Bailey III of Baltimore Maryland; sister in law: Mary Angela Francis Baily in Baltimore, Maryland. Nephew niece: Creswell C. Rolle Jr. and Meco S. Knowles Jr.; Grand Niece: Allycia Rolle, Raven, Jaidyn Knowles, Isabelle Sterling; aunt: Evangeline Minis, Jacqueline Carey, Lorraine, Marion Bethel, Sally Grist, Dorothy (Craig) Millar, Regina (Dr. Philip), Wheeler, Claudia (William) Knowles. uncle: Philip (Gloria) Bethel in Tampa, Florida. Joseph (Grace) Cumberbatch, Basil (Therma) Cumberbatch, Kenneth (Judith) Cumberbatch, Samuel (Jere) Cumberbatch. God’s sister: Sandra Heastie; God’s children: Travonia Turnquest and Dashernique Knowles Williams; Many cousins: Bertram, Denzel and Natasha, Benson Johnson and Patrick Newman, Bernice (Dermot) Sawyer, Omarshire and Sean Rose, Peter Grist Jr. and Mary (Samuel) Dr. Agbosim, Angelique McKinney, Anthony (Becky) California Bethel, Chuck, Andiniles Bethel , Karen (Eddie) Kitchen of Atlanta, Cyril (Abriel) Bethel Jr., Sophia Higgs, Valentino, Crystal Bethel. Michael (Cheryl), Rev. Ivan (Donnell), Cyril (Stacey) Carrie; Darren Reese, Kenny and Trevor Farrington, Nadia and Kaifer Strachan Senior Tammy (Valerio Sr.) Miller, Monique Minis Edwards, Wilfred (Rosary) Minis Senior Quentin (Anne-Marie) Albury, Nadine (Stanford) Charlton, Rick (Sherolyn) and Shane (Kenris) Albury, Krishnoutic (Sheldon) Moore, Kenya (Corey) Lockhart, Shoshane (Andrin) Pennerman, Camilla (Mario) Dean, Stephen, Craig Jr. and Kai (Kara), Miller; Benedict (Ilgentina), Marlon (Shirley), Allison, Kent, Mars (Shenique) Sargent; Basil Jr. (Maria), Andrew , Stephen, Brazil (Gicella) Cumberbatch and Niochebourne, Lynette (Colin) Thompson, Carmine (Donna Hugh) Sasso, Valary (Derano) Archer, Trevor (Sandrin), Wayne (Shenique), Cumberbatch; Stephen (Veronica), Julian ( Antoinette), Cumberbatch, Julian (Jeffrey) Cooper, Joan (Lionel) Dobson. Cumberbatch: Ramon (Melissa). Cameron and Samuel Jr. (Florence), Cumberbatch, Shuina (David) Arnold, Jasmine (Keno) Maring. Sherry Lin (Ramond) Benedict Jr. (Starra), Kellym, Peter Cumberbatch; Philip Jr., Lisa, Philippa, Antonia (Tamika) Wheeler; Jonathan (Amy). William Jr. (Symphony). Knowles and Racquel Farrington; Hosts of other relatives and friends, including: Alma Turn Quest and Family, Janice Hall and Family, Joyce Limpinder and Family, Victoria Fox, Selma Ferguson, Clementina Butler. Andrea and Rory Francis’s family, Sharon Polard and his family, Shala Macintosh and his family, Harold and Sandra McPhee and his family. Elaine and Dorothy Makfi in Orlando, Marie in Miami, Derrick and Carlton Johnson, Delores and Sheldon Evans in Fort. Lauderdale; prestigious Janet Bostwick and family, Ausnir Andrews and family, Cassandra Roll and family, Hasti, Hannah, Tyne Masgrove, Roll, Carter, Dorset, Wilson’s family, Stuart, Turnquest, Kalmer, Larimore And Bunch’s family, St.’s family. Barnabas Church, Life Changers Ministries International, Victory Baptist Church. Special thanks To doctors and nurses at Land Memorial Hospital. MS. STEPHANIE HELENSTURRUP – Nassau Guardian

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