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Mukran Port, which functions as an O & M base for Parkwind

Parkwind, an offshore wind farm, has selected Mukran Port as a service hub to serve the Arcadis OstI wind farm in the Baltic Sea off Germany.

Earlier this week, Parkwind, wind turbine maker Vestas and construction company Ems Maritime Offshore (EMO) signed a lease agreement for the O & M building at Mukran Port, Germany’s easternmost deep-sea port.

The signing ceremony marked the start of building development with up to 40 experts overseeing and servicing the operation of the 257 MW wind farm Arcadis Ost1. 257 MW Baltic Offshore Wind Project Settled in June, A group of nine lenders has donated about 570 million euros.

The wind farm will be located in the German waters of the Baltic Sea, northeast of Rügen. Generates electricity equivalent to up to 290,000 households. Offshore installation work is scheduled to begin in 2022 and the wind farm will be fully operational in 2023.

Comment on the selection of Mukran Port, Hauke ​​Groeneveld, EMO’s Head of Ports and Logistics Services, said: Sea area. “

“With Vestas and Parkwind as strong partners, we are focusing on an offshore service base designed for future sustainability,” said Marcel Diekmann, Managing Director of EMO.

Seiren Hansen, Vestas Vice President of Services Operations in North and Central Europe, said: “We are pleased to have selected Mukran Port as our O & M hub for Arcadis Ost 1. This milestone is a continuation of Vestas’ investment in Germany and we are part of the Arcadis Ost 1 project in the long term. We are pleased to be able to provide service work and associated economic benefits to the Mukran region. It is great for Germany to partner with Parkwind on this important project, and from 2022 the V174-9.5 MW turbine will be on the project. We look forward to providing it. “

Eric AntoonsParkwind Co-CEO said: “We are pleased that Mukran Port will be the Arcadis Ost 1 O & M hub. Their understanding of our industry and experience in offshore projects make them an ideal choice. Today, our prominent partners In the presence of Minister Pegel, we can demonstrate the impact of offshore wind on the local economy in terms of employment and infrastructure. “

Offshore installation work is scheduled to begin in 2022 and the wind farm will be fully operational in 2023.

The DEME Offshore installation vessel Orion will install the XXL monopile manufactured by Steelwind, and Heerema will install 27 V174-9,5 MW wind turbine generators from Vestas.

The Arcadis Ost 1 project is expected to be the first offshore wind farm to utilize floating vessels to install wind turbine generators.

Parkwind, along with Heerema Marine Contractors and MHI Vestas, has developed a floating installation method as an alternative to the use of traditional jack-up vessels due to the harsh soil conditions at the Arcadis Ost 1 site.

Parkwind hopes that this method will reduce installation time and contribute to further reductions in the cost of equalized cost of offshore wind energy.

Bladt Industries delivers offshore substations. JDR provides inter-array cables and Global Marine installs these cables. The wind farm connects to a 50 Hz grid.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/490713-port-of-mukran-to-serve-as-o-m-base-for-parkwind-s-baltic-sea-wind-farm Mukran Port, which functions as an O & M base for Parkwind

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