MUMN calls for withdrawal of charges against nurses, otherwise threatens orders

The Malta Midwives Andners Union (MUMN) has argued that the 2017 Mount Carmel Hospital (MCH) nurse and MCH manager Joseph Pace’s accusations need to be amended and immediately withdrawn.

“The union will not stop fighting such shocking accusations until these accusations are withdrawn. If necessary, we will issue directives at all hospitals,” said MUMN.

At a press conference outside Mount Carmel Hospital on Wednesday, MUMN expressed frustration, anger, and shock at such accusations, and it is correct for nurses to blame MCH staff when they are “out of stock.” Insisted that it was not.

A significant number of MUMN members gathered outside Mount Carmel Hospital in solidarity with Joseph Pace and said they would not leave him alone in opposition to the battle.

Some members also heard calls for the resignation of Health Minister Chris Fern.

The union explained that nurses have been charged with criminal offenses after patients injured themselves, who should always be monitored when there are no nurses or caregivers.

Police will also indict Joseph Pace as a manager and will appear in court on May 5.

The union explained that the case always involved patients who were ordered to have one-on-one supervision, but management was unable to provide such supervision due to the lack of staff at MCH. As a result of the lack of supervision, such patients cut themselves and lost large amounts of blood. The patient was immediately saved by many nurses, including Joseph Pace himself.

“It’s not shocking to see such an accusation against a man (Joseph Pace) who is loved and cared for by many at this facility. He is devoted to staff and patients. Yes, it is considered the hero of Mount Carmel, “said Paul Pace, president of MUMN.

He also added that it was shameful that the police did not look at the whole situation.

“The police are unreliable and unreliable. If so, instead of blaming him for what happened due to lack of staff, Joe Pace over and over again to help the patient. You’ve noticed that you’ve been, “said Pace.

MUMN has repeatedly sought help from the Ministry of Health on this issue, but such a petition did not help.

“The way to deal with this situation is to be a fish that nurses, small fish, can conveniently crucify, and never involve brass, such as the Minister of Health or the Under Secretary of State,” Pace said. I will be held responsible. ”

“The Minister of Health is a ruthless person who has not intervened, dried us up, and abandoned his obligations and responsibilities. He is a man who cannot cope with the situation and argues against sending people to court instead. “I’m doing it,” added Pace.

He further stated how to expect support from the Ministry of Health as a union, but instead, “they always seem to be against us. Joseph Pace is under police investigation. And the court. ”

“This wouldn’t have happened if the minister had intervened when we asked for help,” Pace said.

He explained that if there were not enough staff, one-on-one supervision would not be possible. This is an existing situation within the Mater Dei Hospital as well as within the MCH.

“If the nurse is out of stock, how is this situation our fault?” Pace asked.

“We are playing in people’s lives and the costs are paid by people like our nurses and Joe Pace,” Pace said.

Pace said MUMN would not stand by his side following such omissions from the Ministry of Health. Because the minister did not provide when support was requested many times.

Meanwhile, Pace also talked about the promise that a new mental health hospital would be built, raising the question that this might happen.

“They probably didn’t even buy the land on which the building would be built, let alone it’s true that this building actually happens,” Pace said. MUMN calls for withdrawal of charges against nurses, otherwise threatens orders

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