MUMN postpones press conference ‘as a sign of goodwill’

The Maltese Federation of Midwives and Nurses postponed a press conference scheduled for Monday as a sign of goodwill.

A press was set to take place on Monday in front of the St. Vincent de Paul Housing for Senior Citizens.

The decision was made “as a gesture of goodwill until the nurse is allowed to return to work at the SVP or remains suspended for five days.”

In an earlier notice, MUMN said it was to provide “bogus inquiries, new information about how this was received by the facility and how nurses are being treated.”

MUMN was also supposed to provide information on industrial action, while nurses who were assisting suspended colleagues were to show solidarity.

Ann internal investigation Karmenu Fino’s disappearance from St Vincent de Paul was established not as an organizational failure, but as a result of a lack of standard care provided by its employees. The man is still missing.

of MUMN got an exception At the conclusion of the investigation, I instructed the nurses in protest. As a reply, active aging ministry He said the directive issued by MUMN “will affect patients and the elderly who are unfairly borne the brunt.” MUMN postpones press conference ‘as a sign of goodwill’

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