MUMN refuses to attend Ministry of Health meetings attended by newly appointed and trusted persons

The Maltese Union for Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) has decided not to attend a meeting with the Ministry of Health scheduled for Wednesday. -Injured under his supervision in 2017.

According to the union, the reason is that the Under Secretary of Health has decided to appoint former union employee Jeremy Camilleri as a credible person.

In a statement, the union said it was Joseph Pace himself who brought it to MUMN, saying that “political appointments are unacceptable to attend his meetings.”

MUMN said he was shocked to learn that the Vice-Minister within the Ministry of Health had decided to appoint a former GWU employee as an advisor to all labor relations meetings, thus “by department of nurses and midwives. We met in front of him to discuss union issues, such as agreements and agreements on ECG engineers. “

“This shows that all nursing and midwifery issues cannot be discussed with the Vice-Minister himself and the current Secretary of Labor and Management within the Department of Health,” the statement read.

The union added that the new Vice-Minister has appointed a position of trust and has given him the position of an unrelated high-ranking government official within the health sector.

When the union raised this issue to the Vice-Minister, he was told, “No one can tell him what to do.”

“This does not pay homage to all union officials, not just Joseph Pace. A newly appointed permit to protect his” profitable friends. ” The union is in the industrial action to defend its rights. “

By appointing Camilleri, the new Vice-Minister added that he showed that he had not learned from past mistakes. There was a power struggle within the ministry, so with the resignation of the Secretary. “

The union also said that this was not the first time it opposed such an event, as it also happened under the National Government. The difference is that the trustee appointed at the time was a former union. haddiema maghqudin Officially.

At the time, MUMN also said it refused to attend the meeting when the adviser was present.

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