Murdered partisan’s son ‘shudders to think he’s fascist prime minister’ – Japanese

(ANSA) – ROME, 10 August – The son of one of the 15 World War II partisans who were executed in Milan on 10 August 1944, on Wednesday’s anniversary of the massacre, “I shudder to think that 100 years after the March on Rome there will be an heir to fascism,” he said. He has a chance of becoming prime minister in the September 25th general election,” he said, post-fascist leader Giorgia he hopes Meloni will win.

Umberto’s son, Sergio Fogganolo, who was shot by Nazis and fascists in Piazza Loreto 78 years ago today, did not directly name Meloni of the Italian Brotherhood (FdI) party with the neo-fascist tricolor flames in its logo. rice field.

However, he called Matteo Salvini, Meloni’s main ally and leader of the anti-immigration alliance, “a (former) interior minister with a totalitarian vocation”.

While serving as Interior Minister from 2018 to 2019, Salvini outlawed NGO-run migrant rescue ships out of Italian waters.

Roberto Senati, president of the Italian partisan association ANPI, distanced himself from Foganoro’s remarks.

He said they had “nothing to do” with Wednesday’s memorial service for the atrocities.

Meloni has worked hard to present the party as a moderate right-wing force without denying its post-fascist nature.


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