Music for the Heart and Heart: Stavros Lantsias Solo Piano at Tara on August 29th

Acclaimed Cypriot musician and composer Stavros Lantias returns to Cyprus for the first time in Paphos for a magical musical journey with a solo concert. Monday 29th August 2022, Stavros An inspiring and beautiful journey through the music of his Lanthias, as always subject to heart and mind, reflecting the poetry of our most humanitarian deeds moment by moment. I feel lucky to be able to experience it.

The concert takes place at 8pm at the Tara Amphitheater, with impressive views and points of view of the beautiful sunset over Paphos.

The famous Stavros Lanthias has received excellent reviews over the last few years. He has been called “the wizard of the keyboard, the orchestra, the sound itself” (Avgi).
A powerful melodic core, a captivating development of melody and harmony, masterful orchestration, improvisation that not only undermines but expands the subject, an undefined definition of music that speaks to the soul, where the old and the new are harmoniously linked. A work with possible “something” (melodia).

The album ‘Epistrofi’ – The Return is characterized as a record of rare organic sensibility (Difono). A melody that flows with the nature of water, an image from a long movie journey that doesn’t need images. Stavros Latsias’ “Epistrofi” transports the listener into the innocence and serenity of an ideal world where emotion and music have found their own communication. (Tanea)

Stavros Lanthias arranges his own works such as “Waltz of the Eyes” and “Death of the Bull”, as well as works by Chopin and Manos Hadzidakis.

A few words about the artist:

Stavros Lanthias was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1966. He studied classical piano and music theory.

At the Greek Conservatory in Nicosia with Pizza Spiridaki. In 1986 he moved to Boston to continue his studies at Berklee College of Music, graduating in 1990 with a BA in Arranging. He also took courses in film music composition and won the ‘Count His Basie Jazzmasters Award for Pianist in 1989’ and the ‘Quincy Jones Jazzmasters Award for Arranger in 1990’. After graduating from Berklee, he continued his piano studies under the highly respected educator Charlie His Banakos.

In 1992 he came to Athens and works as an arranger and pianist, mainly in Greek discographies, television and theater. Stavros Lanthias is an acclaimed pianist with Dionysis Savopoulos, Eli Paspara, Alkinoos Ioannidis, Orpheus Peridis, Eleni Karaindor, Nikos Quidakis, Haris Alexiou, Kostas Turnas, Giorgos Ntalaras and Yannis.・Has worked with important Greek artists such as Hallis, Eleni Vitali.

One of his most important projects is ‘Human Touch’. This is the group he formed with longtime collaborators David Lynch and his Yiotis Kiourtsoglou. In his first studio recording outside of composing and playing piano, Stavros expands his playing on drums, percussion and acoustic his guitar.

In 1999, Stavros Lantsias signed a recording contract with Warner Music Greece and has since released two solo albums, ‘Return’ (November 1999) and ‘The travel of a note’ (April 2002). . On these albums he demonstrates his composition and orchestration skills playing in both jazz and classical ensembles.

The Suite for piano, soprano saxophone and string orchestra “Dream Diary” was performed in Patras in 2006 within the framework of “Patra – Cultural Capital 2006” with Orchestra Director Alexandros Myrat. Recording was completed in Los Angeles in 2011 with Peter Erskine on drums and Lars Danielson on double bass. “Diary of Dreams” was released by ARGOMUSIC in December 2011.

In December 2012, he formed the Stavros Lantias Trio with renowned soloists Andreas Polyzogopoulos (trumpet, cornet) and Giorgos Cardudis (cello, Cretan lyre, percussion). At the invitation of Giorgas Solomontos and the cultural department of the Cypriot Embassy in Berlin, they performed in various German cities with great success. In December 2021, “Stavros Lantsias trio -Live at St. Paul’s Aglican Church” will be released. Live, fully acoustic recording. Stavros Lantsias is also active in the field of education, giving seminars and private lessons. His research and years of experience as a professional musician make him an invaluable source of learning and information.

Doors open 19:30, start 20:00
Entrance fee: €15 / €7 (students)
Reservations are required.
Information, reservations and tickets: 70002420
Sponsored by: Tara Community Council
Hospitality Sponsor: Annabelle Hotel
Media Sponsor: Pafos Press
Sponsors: Pinguino Café Lounge Bar, Elite Dental Clinic, Diagnosis Laboratory Center, Plasterboard Design and Construction, Foto Larko Music for the Heart and Heart: Stavros Lantsias Solo Piano at Tara on August 29th

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