My bust and mummy were full, but I found the perfect bikini from Asda. It’s only £ 16.

A angry BIG-BUSTED fashion fan of her mother revealed how she found the perfect bikini-and it’s only £ 16 from Asda.

Samantha Pamlea, posted by the acronym @midsizesammy, Ticktaku She”Cow print bikini top and high waist bottom set“From Asda.


Samantha Pamrea tried on Asda’s “Cowprint Bikini Top and High Waist Bottoms Set”Credit: tiktok / @ midsizesammy
Fashion fans happy with the results


Fashion fans happy with the resultsCredit: tiktok / @ midsizesammy

“Close the front door! Are you looking at this bikini?” She shouts.

“I really lose words! Oh my goodness!”

“How terrible is this? The bottom of my bikini, which I reduced in size to 12, fits like a glove.”

Fashion lovers continue. “Repeat, what I’ve found is that I don’t feel anxious when I’m hungry. Everything seems to be properly inhaled.”

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“There’s really a lot of room for this.”

“I think this is the 36th floor, but I’m absolutely surprised by these people.”

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Samantha goes on to say that she thinks the difference is that she doesn’t wear it under her clothes, so she doesn’t wear it all day, so she can also reduce her size.

“I’m happy to wear this on the beach,” she adds.

“This is probably much smaller than I’ve ever put in a bra, but I’m absolutely crazy about it.”

The Cowprint Balcony Bikini Top retails for just £ 10 and the Cowprint High Waist Bikini Bottom costs £ 6.

Samantha’s post has since gained a whopping xx view, but the comments section was full of praise for the super-flattering bikini.

“Oh, I love this,” he enthusiastically said.

Second praise: “Great for your poop”.

Third comment: “Absolutely beautiful, I love this!”

Meanwhile, another added, “You look great.”

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Further Pen: “Oh, I love it! You look beautiful.”

And another tagged friend asked: “Should we go see Asda?” My bust and mummy were full, but I found the perfect bikini from Asda. It’s only £ 16.

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