My cousin is turning 60 soon and I feel like ignoring his birthday

DEAR DEIDRE: My cousin is turning 60 soon and I’m torn between giving her the usual nice gift or ignoring her special birthday altogether.

I am a 56 year old female. It’s against my nature for her not to be generous, but after years of her “forgetting” or not caring about my birthday, I finally felt like giving her up. rice field.


she doesn’t really need a gift because she has everything

But I know she will notice the lack of presents, so I don’t want that to be a big problem.

For the only time she remembered my birthday in all these years, she tried to hand over one of my sister’s handmade knitted scarves as a special gift for me, purchased from the store.

I actually hope she didn’t mind.

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Ironically, she’s much richer than I am, takes vacations five times a year, and drives a new car.

I was lucky enough to escape once and rely on public transportation.

Deidre says: Even if you don’t mean to insult or hurt the people you work with, some people aren’t as compassionate as others.

Rather than making a big statement by not giving them anything or resenting them by buying another nice gift that they know they won’t return, can they simply send the card?

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60 is a big birthday. It would be nice to celebrate with a nice message that matches your generous personality. My cousin is turning 60 soon and I feel like ignoring his birthday

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