Myleene Klass returns to The One Show despite his previous “never return” statement.

Mylin class Re-appeared as a surprise at The One Show BBC To promote her latest book, even though she had previously claimed that she would never return to the program.

Born in Great Yarmouth, a former member of pop band Hear’Say, 44 years old at a teatime show Adrian Childs In 2007.

However, the three mothers left by drafting a replacement to cover her hosting work after suddenly giving birth to her first child, Ava, a month early.

On Monday, May 9th, she returned to her familiar sofa and talked about her next book, “They Don’t Teach This at School.” She looked good in a zebra and leopard print dress.

Current host Jermaine Jenas When she was pregnant, she was at hand to ask her about the time she was before the show.

Myleene Klass talked to Alex and Germain at one show

He asked: “Is it true that you gave birth with your first child when you previously hosted a one-show?”

She replied: “Yes, I gave birth after announcing a one-show dressed as Elvis.”

Despite years of speculation that Mylin could stand in front of the program again, she has always dismissed rumors.

She previously told Metro:

She also has a 10-year-old daughter, called a hero, with her ex-husband Graham Quinn, and a 2-year-old son, Apollo, with fiance and fashion PR leader Simon Mottson.

Mylin is also the stepmother of Simon’s two children from a previous relationship.

The presenter, who turned into an avid amateur astronomy singer, managed to shock his co-host. Alex Jones While she’s on the show, with some weird parental advice, she reveals how she’s organized on a regular basis. fire Drill with her children. This is what her father did when she was young.

Mylin class
Mylin is back at the previously announced show

She said: “We then make games, I blindfold them.

“Working with charity, you can hear horrifying stories about kids who don’t know what to do, kids hiding under the bed or in the cupboard. What if I have a problem? mosquito.”

Mylin is also open about her views on normalizing breastfeeding, and in April she turned her breast milk into a gemstone ring.

She uploaded a video of the ring making process to her Instagram Account, with caption: “I found that there are more precious gems than diamonds.”

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