MyYacht Group debut and anniversary

My Yacht Group is ready to ride the popular wave of F1 across the Atlantic, but the Principality-based company is celebrating its 15th anniversary at the Monaco Grand Prix. Co-founder Nicholas Frankl shares with us plans for the busy 2022 race calendar.

Glamor and motorsport, especially Formula 1, tend to be inextricably linked. The My Yacht Group, who plays the role of nexus in Monaco each year and is accustomed to integrating these elements, is looking farther as it prepares for the first Miami of the year. Grand Prix.

As co-founder Nicholas Frankl said Monaco Life, “You want to ride a superyacht. It’s a special magic of the Monte Carlo harbor.” Now they bring that “magic” to the world of sports and to Florida as a community of yachts and hospitality and expand it. Prepare for the latest additions to the continuing F1 calendar.

The race, which takes place on May 8, will take place in one of the most attractive places, the parking lot. This will make Michael Masi, then race director, “far from racing in the parking lot” and “something unique” in November.

The original plan for the Miami Circuit was to run around Biscayne Boulevard and downtown Miami. The plan eventually failed, but according to car writer Frankl, it might have gone through if it was proposed today. “At that time, Miami and the locals in Miami didn’t know much about F1,” he began.

“I suspect that the mayor and Governor Ron DeSantis, who are pro-Miami in the parent business, did that, and locally, thanks to Netflix and its documentary series, Drive to Survive, today. As it is the largest growth sport in the United States, I think it has a much higher level of support. “

The race in Miami was sold out for a few weeks. Offering another kind of experience, among which VIP, is the My Yacht Group, ready to ride the wave of F1 popularity across the Atlantic.

Frankl, who co-founded My Yacht Group with his sister Annabelle, elaborated on the Superyacht Party at Sunshine State.That’s exactly what we do on a special boat called Gene Chaser, 55 meter research vessel. “

“They have a lab, a test facility and a mobile MRI machine, so it’s a very technical showcase. We have a business networking and investor reception for a carefully selected guest list of only 100 people. That’s about $ 250 billion in net worth, “says Frankl. “Then turn it into My Yacht Club. It’s a pop-up nightlife experience that has been successfully hosted at the Austin GP since 2012. It’s a charity and investor reception, and a full-fledged party. A combination of DJs, bottle service, VIP events … We have partnered with world-renowned and renowned chef Todd English. Todd English personally caters on board for our customers. “

Frankl also announced that he will be hosting an event at the first Las Vegas Grand Prix in November 2023. The race will be announced in March and will be the third USGP on the calendar. But Frankl isn’t worried that F1 will saturate the US market. “I think the United States can easily absorb three races,” he says.

15 years of Monte Carlo Glamor

Returning to the more familiar beaches as in the last 15 years, My Yacht Group will once again have a full trackside superyacht hospitality weekend and a popular Friday night party at the Monaco Grand Prix in May of this year. It will be held.

After two civilian astronaut receptions at a more modest event last year, the MyYacht Group has returned to its normal style. Frankl describes it as a “giant charity weekend” when guests board a DB9 yacht won at the Monaco Foundation Gala Prince Albert II auction in September. “All the proceeds from that auction item were sent to Albert II of the Monaco Foundation for hundreds of thousands of euros. We are very proud to be able to re-promote and support PA2F throughout the weekend,” Frankl said. I am saying.

My yacht group has released three luxury cabins on board for the “ultimate experience”. Guests can stay in Port Hercules by the trackside or interact with VIP guests on Grand Prix weekends.

“There is Commander Michael Lopez Alegria, a US Hall of Fame astronaut who has just returned from the International Space Station (ISS) and holds five world records. He is me and other Monaco residents. He is the commander of the first all-private mission to the ISS with Axium Space, a company invested by several people. “

Frankl says it’s great to help send the Monaco dialect into space. “We want to take the first Monaco astronaut to the ISS. A member of the Princely family, or a Monaco citizen, has been on board for 10 days to conduct medical and scientific research on humankind. It’s great to see. “

Commander Lopez Alegria will attend VIP events in both Miami and Monaco, as well as representatives of Vita Inclinata, the manufacturer of “life-saving autonomous power systems” designed to stabilize helicopter and crane cradle. increase. The company recently delivered $ 500,000 worth of equipment to Ukraine and trained the crew of Ukrainian medical evacuees during the ongoing war on how to use it. They will showcase their skills at the Monaco Superyacht Crane on the GP weekend. “This is the first time we have been demonstrated this way,” Frankl said.

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