N. Ham Kyung is calling on authorities to give people medicine and food

A high-ranking North Korean official, Cho Young-won, participated in a campaign to donate household medicines to the general public. (Rodong Sinmun-News1)

At a recent infectious disease conference, the North Hamgyong Party Committee called on locals to help them by giving them medicine and food.

State sources told the Daily NK on Wednesday that the state party committee held a meeting on June 19 to discuss measures to combat infectious diseases. “Like central committee officials helped the people of South Fanhe,” Food said.

Participants in the meeting were informed about the current state of infectious diseases in the state, such as typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever, and discussed measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, according to people familiar with the matter.

At the meeting, a party committee in North Hamgyong distributed materials on infectious diseases to the authorities, pointing out problems to be solved in the fields of quarantine and medical care. It also contains health and hygiene rules that the general public should maintain at home.

After the meeting, the Commission widely promoted how Central Commission officials donated their own home remedies to help people in South Hwanghae suffering from the development of acute intestinal infections. I have done it. Local civil servants emphasized how to “follow their example and engage in support activities to help people overcome difficult situations” and even engaged in their own activities to support them.

“Before the meeting, the committee had already instructed local officials to bring some household medicines, groceries, and craters they had at home to the meeting place,” sources said. Said. “After the meeting, they gave a show to help people and also did a review. [of how well donation-related activities have been conducted].. ”

It is reported that the party committee of North Hamgyong Province and the local branch of the public prosecutor’s office received the most favorable evaluation. The Commission also ordered that efforts be spread to all workplaces and that officials and their families report how much they helped the local population.

“The local committee originally planned to donate medicine to South Hwanghae, but after seeing central committee officials doing so, they decided that the situation in their state was very hopeless. , After deciding that they should take responsibility for themselves, the residents who made the latest efforts will first donate the leftovers to South Hwanghae, “explained sources.

However, according to sources, local dissatisfaction has arisen with what people call “mere form”, with only a few injections, pills, and appetizing foods.

“The locals grinned and ridiculed the effort when they saw what they handed out,” sources said. “They ask,’Are they making fun of the poor?’ And they wouldn’t even try to humor their children in such a sneaky way, and their efforts are ridiculous. Is called.”

Translated by David Black. Edited by Robert Roller.

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