Names of 104 Female Murder Victims in PM Building – Meloni – English

(ANSA) – ROME, 24 November – Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said Thursday that the names of 104 women killed in Italy last year will be projected on the facade of Palazzo Chigi, the Roman palace where the prime minister’s offices are located. I was. We need to stop femicide.

“As a woman, and as the first female prime minister (in Italy), I can’t help but feel that I am dedicated to fighting woman-killing,” she said.

“And as a woman, mother and daughter, I can’t help but think of all the women who lost their lives last year.” . Most of the time they were killed by partners or exes.

The Senate on Thursday unanimously approved the creation of a Congressional Commission of Inquiry into Murder of Women and All Forms of Gender Violence.

The creation of the committee was approved with 139 votes in favor and 0 against.

If the draft is approved by the House of Representatives, then work can begin. (ANSA).

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