Naomi Long’s success outweighs Michelle O’Neill’s

The fact that social media alertness is sometimes dismissed: Most people can have two or three thoughts at once. First, Michelle O’Neill’s name is woven into NI’s modern history. Second, as the leader of a structurally polarized centrist, Naomi Long’s achievements are the larger of the two.

The highest dog status of the Sinn Féin party is mainly due to many reasons for strategic omissions. Leave the union members and cannibalize each other. Don’t scare the horse and discuss the performance against Jeffrey Donaldson’s annoying display. When the joust stopped, it was a party with a penon and it won the symbol of the century. And the Sinn Féin party has done so far without openly exaggerating. Naomi Long’s success outweighs Michelle O’Neill’s

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