NASA currently has a team investigating UFOs

NASA seems to take this UFO business more seriously.

Space agency on Thursday publication We have established a team of independent researchers to study unidentified flying objects (UAPs) from a scientific point of view.

“NASA believes that scientific discovery tools are powerful and applicable here as well,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, Deputy Director of Science at NASA’s headquarters in Washington. .. press release..

“We have access to a wide range of observations of the Earth from space — and that’s the lifeline of scientific research. There are tools and teams to help us better understand the unknown. That’s exactly what science is. It’s a definition. That’s our job. “

The study, led by astrophysicist and president of Simons Foundations, analyzes data available to a team of experts in the science, aviation, and data analysis communities to provide a roadmap for future collection and use. By creating it, it will be done for 9 months. Information to better understand the phenomenon.

According to this study, NASA can cost up to $ 100,000 CNN..

“Given the lack of observations, our first task is to collect the most robust data set possible,” says Spergel. press release..

“Identify what data exists, such as private citizens, governments, nonprofits, businesses, etc., what else needs to be collected, and how to best analyze it.”

according to CNNThe ultimate goal of the space agency was to find life outside of Earth — whether it was on Mars, whether through the Perseverance Rover or through this study of UFOs.

“I’m looking for a question about a particular environment Thomas Zurbuchen, Deputy Director of Science Missions at NASA Headquarters, said: report..

“Many times it turned out that what looked almost magical was a new scientific effect,” Zurbuchen said.

Last year, the Director of National Intelligence of the State and the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force issued a report suggesting that there was no evidence of extraterrestrial life, but it did not explain most of the cases. CBS News..

Congress is also asking questions as the House Intelligence Subcommittee held its first hearing on UAP after 400 reported cases were recorded. Dezalet News previously reported.. The army even has step-by-step steps on how to report citations.

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