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Nasirdin Shah expresses concern over Khalidwar’s hatred speech

Mumbai: Concerned about Khalidwar’s hatred speech, which caused a great deal of turmoil among various parts of society, veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah said the genocide call could lead to a full-blown civil war. rice field.

In an interview with Karan Thapar of The Wire, Shah said Indian Muslims would fight back if measures were taken for the massacre of Muslims and ethnic cleansing. “We protect our home, our family, our children,” he added.

Naseeruddin Shah said that Muslims have been marginalized and made redundant in response to questions about the status of Muslims in the reign of Narendra Modi in India. He added that they have been reduced to second-class citizens.

Criticizing the prime minister’s silence, Shah said he didn’t care. On Twitter, he said PM is following people who gave hate speech.

Speeches I hate Khalidwar

At the three-day Dharma Sansad organized by Yati Narsinghanand from December 17th to 19th, various personalities gave hate speeches to religious minorities under the slogan “shastra mev jayte”.

Yati claimed that he would never have won the war without weapons. He added that only economic boycotts did not work and Hindu groups needed to renew themselves.

Annapurna Ma called for a rebellion against Islam while General Secretary Hindu Mahasaba and General Secretary Mahmandreshwar of Nirangini Ahada were talking about the incident.

Anand Swaroop Maharaj, president of Varanasi-based costume Shakaracharya Parishad, also gave a hate speech.

After the speech became a hot topic on social media, police registered cases against several people under the relevant section of the IPC.

https://www.siasat.com/naseeruddin-shah-expresses-concern-over-haridwar-hate-speeches-2249659/ Nasirdin Shah expresses concern over Khalidwar’s hatred speech

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