National budget injects 7.6 billion euros “against the crisis”

Portugal’s revised national budget in 2022 will inject € 7.6 billion into the country to fight the country Impact of “crisis” (or combination of crises)..

Fernando Medina, the country’s new finance minister, rejected criticism that the document suggests a return to austerity and “shows an essential response to ease fuel prices and the budget is approved. And hundreds of thousands of pensioners will receive pensions retroactively until January this year. “

But none of his guarantees were incompatible with opposition, employers, and financial “experts.”

As explained by Livre, one of the smallest political parties in Congress, the government sees problems such as rising prices as cyclical, even though Livre certainly considers them structural. And it seems.

The Current rapid inflation rate Party leader Louis Tavares said it could go down, but now it’s me.“Increases over the years Workers have Lost consumption power– And not enough has been done to overcome the pain and help them.

Bloco de Esquerda was much harder – budget “Significant reduction in salary”.. Surprisingly, CHEGA (the other side of the political spectrum) seemed to agree. Party leader Andre Ventura has blown up the document as “a budget not prepared for the end of the pandemic and the transition to normal.” Budget not prepared due to the war situation and the cruel increase in energy, gas and fuel costs. The staple food, the budget that was not prepared for the increased cost of grain. Therefore, it is a good indication of the level of distraction for the government. ” budgetIn short, it certainly is Reduce people’s income.

Centre-right PSD already blaming the plan “Return to Austerity”, The above “Capital error” This new budget (OE2022) does not address rising inflation and does not address the country’s major challenges. economic growth.

The party’s deputy coordinator, Jorge Paulo Oliveira, reiterated PSD’s belief that OE2022 would help. “Austerity”.

Iniciativa Liberal On the other hand, “From the perspective of economic policy as a whole, especially fiscal policy, this budget is Exactly the same As announced in October “(which led to the collapse of the government and the” sudden election “that returned the PS socialists in absolute majority).

“We voted against the October budget, so we’ll probably vote against it,” said IL leader João Cotrimde Figueiredo. “But in this case, I want to know that no one else is asking. How can we maintain the same deficit? (As 1.9% of GDP presented in October) By spending more and not cutting anything?

Today was not that day Discussion..This is coming April 28th and 29thWith “Final Global Voting” It will be done one month later (May 27).

PS MP Jamila Madeira said the government is ready to discuss proposals (for changes) from the opposition for the foreseeable future.

“Whether it’s a budget or other diploma debate, Congress always wants PS to build a bridge,” she said, and despite all criticism, every other party is still concrete. He added that he did not make a suggestion. suggestion”.

Perhaps one of the positives from today’s announcement is that the government No plans to send another penny to Novo BancoHe said he wanted more money this year, even though he started making profits.

More will be discussed / emphasized (guaranteed) before this budget is approved. Today was just a “warm up”. National budget injects 7.6 billion euros “against the crisis”

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