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National Liberation Day celebration begins at LuLu hypermarket

LuLu Hypermarket, the region’s retail leader, which began its annual LuLu Hala February celebration on February 1, shoppers on National Day and Liberation Day, which will be held on February 25 and 26, respectively. Offers double excitement to.

A special celebration dedicated to the National Foundation Day was held on February 23, before the gathering of LuLu’s top management and shoppers by Mahmud Abdul Samad Busheri, Governor of Mubarak al-Kabier. It started with an event at the outlet of ALC Line, which was launched in. ..

In addition to all the outlets in the hypermarket being adorned with glittering lights, decorative arches and colorful buntings as part of the February Hara celebration, the Kuwait outlets are celebrated with big cuts. Wore a unique look added to the atmosphere of Kuwait-from colorful images of Kuwait’s iconic buildings and buildings and places.

The artistic themes and background images reflect two anniversaries with big and small flags fluttering everywhere, and the Kuwaiti flag color combinations show many decorative tones around hypermarket stores. Is set. The excitement at the event was the artists who painted face paint to draw the national flag on the children’s cheeks.

A very special attraction at this year’s Al-Quarin Outlet is the iconic Kuwait Tower’s 7-meter-high display, artistically crafted by stacking over 17,000 KDD milk and fruit juices. Not surprisingly, many shoppers stopped clicking “selfie” in front of this wonderful sculpture. To commemorate the national holiday, all categories of products are offered significant discounts, with particularly attractive prices set for all products produced in Kuwait.

In addition, starting from February 3rd, we are carrying out a number of promotions during February, starting with the “Voucher” promotion. During this promotion period, all purchases worth KD5 will enter the shopper by lottery, giving you the chance to win a total of 131 gift certificates worth KD15,000.

LuLu Hala The weekly festival in February will be even more exciting with the “Brand of the Week” promotion, offering amazing discounts on products from that particular brand. In addition, there will be a “Product of the Day” promotion on each day of the month-long festival, during which certain products labeled “Special Deal of the Day” will be offered at very special prices.

Beginning February 16th, LuLu Hypermarket retailers will feature a “proudly from Kuwait” promotion focusing on special products produced in Kuwait, such as fresh fruits and vegetables offered at attractive prices. doing.

In addition, 61 exciting offers will be available from February 23rd to commemorate Kuwait’s 61st Anniversary on February 25th National Day. Also, for 6 days from February 23rd to 28th, lucky winners of this promotion will have a completely free purchase of 600 trolleys.

In addition, we will be holding special discount sales in some product categories such as fashion wear, footwear, ladies’ bags, eyewear, toys and baby accessories for the entire period from February 2nd. In addition, Hala Digitech offers shoppers discounted prices on mobile phones, gadgets, laptops, appliances, appliances and more.

On the food side, the “Exotic Cut” offers premium meat lovers a meat fest, and the “Shrimp Ply Awesome” deal offers seafood lovers a unique fish fest. Other food-based festivals include “Say Olives and Cheese” and “Biryani Express”. The one-month LuLu Hala February Festival is a continuation of the brand’s commitment to making shopping at LuLu Hypermarket stores an exciting and enjoyable experience for our customers throughout the year.

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