National Rainy Weekends-Romanian Journal

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Meteorologists issued a yellow code for rain on Friday. It will take effect at 2pm and will be valid until Sunday night. The warning covers the whole country.

According to meteorologists, the yellow code is valid from 14.00 on Friday to 22.00 on Sunday. Warnings announce temporary instability and heavy rains across the country. Therefore, during the above period, heavy rainfall will occur in the southern and mountainous areas of the country, and in some areas the weather will be unstable.

Moldova, Transylvania, Maramures, and the local Crisana and Banat have periods of enhanced atmospheric instability, especially in the afternoon, with thunderstorms, strong winds, and, in some places, heavy rainfall with storms and hail.

Waterfalls exceed 20… 30 l / sqm, and in some areas, especially hills and mountains, and at the southern tip of the country, over 40-60 l / mp. National Rainy Weekends-Romanian Journal

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