[NATIONAL] Widening income disparity among workers

Lee Min Hyun

office worker worker’s income gap Wednesday’s data showed that the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated over the past few years.

According to data submitted by the National Tax Service (National Tax Service) to the office of Rep. Jin Seung-mi of the main opposition Democratic Party, salaried workers are included in the top 20%. bracket Earned 15.1 times more than the bottom 20% between 2020 and 2021.
국 청 국회 국 청 청 국회 재 재 소속더불 소속더불 민 민 선 선 원 원 원 제출 료 료 2020-2021 년년 20 % 보다 15.1

This number reached 16.3 in 2017 and declined further to 14.6 in 2019. But in 2020, as the pandemic lockdowns began to affect every corner of the economy, the widening inequality began to accelerate.
It was updated to 16.3rd in 2017 and 14.6th in 2019. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

“Governments should adopt policies that narrow the income gap between classes and help raise wages across households,” Jin said.
진의원은 “정부”

Despite widening income inequality, wage increases for the bottom 20% were greater than those for the top 20%.
20% more than 20% more than 20% more.

first person average salary quintile It will reach 98.98 million won ($80,360) in 2021, up 12.9% from four years ago.However, they increased sharply to the fifth margin During the same period, it was 6.54 million won, 21.6%.
상위 20% 간 속 속 속 급여 급여 급여 2021 년 9898 만 원 (8 만 360 달러) 로 4 년 전 보 보다 12.9% 증 했 했다. I’m sorry.

The average income per employee here will reach 40.24 million won in 2021. Beyond 40 million won. In 2017, each office worker here earned an average of 35.19 million won. His annual income in 2021 in the top 0.1% layer was 956.15 million won.
전체 근 소득 1 당 평균 급여 2021 준 준 준 만원 만원 이다. 근 평균 급여 4 을 을 을 을 은 처음 이 이다. 9 억5615 만원을 벌었다.

The average annual salary of the top 1% was also 317.3 million won, and the average annual salary of the median worker was 30.04 million won.
1% 1% 3004% 1730%, 50% 1% 3004%.

“Salary growth drive This is due to the sharp rise in incomes of the lower and middle class, which have benefited the most from minimum wage increases over the past four years,” Jin said.
진의원은 “지난” 지난4년간근로근로소득증가세임금임금수혜층을롯한비롯한계위계층소득성장이성

Experts say the government should continue to introduce diverse Policies that reduce household debt burdens.
I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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