Nationalist Jobbik elects new leader following internal clash

MEP Márton Gyöng yösi Election New chairman of the opposition Jobbik at the party convention on Saturday.

Gyöngyösi won 68% of the votes, while his opponent István Földi got 29%.

He said Jobbik members wanted to leave a period of turmoil and hope that Jobbik would begin to rebuild himself. “Gyöngyösi said he was determined to lead such a party, given that Hungary does not currently have a true nationalist and conservative party.

He promised to develop Jobbik as a pro-European party that takes the principle seriously based on its values.

“I want Jobbik to pursue democratic values ​​and become an intelligent home and community for everyone who is proud of their homeland,” he said.

He added that Jobbik now has to focus on strengthening its own nationalist conservative policy, although there may be opposition cooperation in the future.

In answering the question, he said he would maintain his mission as a MEP.

The party’s renewal meeting had to be convened following the resignation of former party president Peter Jakab after a fierce internal conflict in Jobbik that eventually led to the expulsion of politicians.

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Hungarian pre-election opposition coalition scandal hit member Peter Jakab resigns

Hungarian pre-election opposition coalition scandal hit member Peter Jakab resigns

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Yakab’s decision comes after Jobbik, a former member of the pre-election political alliance of the Hungarian opposition, suffered a huge defeat in the 2022 general election. (Jobbik has shrunk from 26 seats in 2018 to just 9 seats in April 2022). This was followed by a previous sexual harassment scandal within the party. It seems that Jobbik’s leadership tried to wipe under the carpet.

However, the newly elected Jobbik leaders themselves are not without scandals.

It was Gyöngyösi in 2012 who urged the government to make a list of Jews who pose “national security risks”.

Jobbik politicians said a list was needed as tensions increased after a brief conflict in Gaza at the time.

“I think such conflicts will be timely to aggregate the Jewish ancestors who live here. [in Hungary]especially [MPs] The Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian Government actually pose a national security risk to Hungary. “

Kyung-gyoshi later apologized for his words, but he also tried to downplay the case, claiming he was simply misunderstood.


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