NATO allies gather in Brussels to discuss Ukraine’s security aid and coercion

Washington (Sputnik)-US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, his NATO counterpart, and other partners will meet in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday to send additional security assistance to Ukraine and the East in light of the ongoing conflict. Discuss the military attitude of the military alliance in Europe.

The conference will take place weeks after the US Congress approves $ 40 billion in support for Ukraine and Russia has stepped up its efforts to secure the Donbus region.

The Ukraine Defense Liaison Group Meeting will be held on Wednesday and will be attended by representatives from about 50 countries currently providing some assistance to Ukraine. Authorities will consider what additional security assistance Ukraine can provide to Ukraine immediately and in the long run as it fights Russian troops.

Ukrainian contact groups discuss, according to NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg Supply heavy weapons to Kyiv.

Stoltenberg will hold a press conference on Wednesday morning and a dinner for NATO’s Minister of Defense and his partners.

According to UN Ambassador Julian Smith, the United States is assessing what support Ukraine can provide to meet its needs and whether other countries are capable of meeting those demands.

After the contact group meeting, Austin will join NATO’s Defense Minister and several other non-members at the end of Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the alliance’s deterrence and defense stance in the light of the Ukraine conflict. NATO’s allies will consider the capabilities NATO needs in Europe’s medium- to long-term stance.

Announcements related to (if any) Alliance power attitude in Eastern Europe It will be announced at the NATO Summit in Madrid from June 29th to 30th.

Austin and Stoltenberg will hold a very short press conference on Thursday morning, before the NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting begins.

The NATO chief concludes the two-day event with a press conference on Thursday afternoon. NATO allies gather in Brussels to discuss Ukraine’s security aid and coercion

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