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NATO ally U.S. withdraws support in the war on terror

Despite the differences, there are areas in which Turkey and the United States continue to cooperate and agree, President spokesman Ibrahim Karin said at a meeting in Chicago.

Karin states that the cultural relationship between Turkey and the United States is old and emphasizes the importance of social ties between the two countries. (Reuters Archive)

Turkey said the United States did not provide sufficient support in the fight against terrorism in Ankara, and a dispute between the two countries began during the Obama administration, which was followed by President Trump.

“In most cases, we didn’t see the US support we expected in the fight against terrorists,” Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Karin said at a rally in Chicago, USA, on Sunday.

He said the relationship between his country and the United States was tense during the period of former US President Barack Obama and continued during the period of Donald Trump.

Karin emphasized the importance of social relations between Turkey and the United States, as their cultural relations are old.

“In the war on terror, we expect them to be at the level, extent and depth we expect. Unfortunately, in most cases no support was seen,” attended MAS-ICNA. Karin, who is in the United States to do, said. Parliament is held annually by several American Muslim affiliates.

The conference was hosted by the Turkish Ambassador to Hasan Murat Melkan and Engin Turesin of the Consulate General of Chicago, where Karin met with many Turkish expatriates.

Karin said Turkey-US relations are important enough to develop a strategic partnership perspective.

The United States continues to support Syria’s YPG / PKK terrorist organization, Turkey is sanctioned by the United States for purchasing the S-400 air defense system, Turkey is removed from the F-35 program, and the United States protects the head of the FETO terrorist organization. did. , He said.

Karin said there are areas where Turkey and the United States continue to work and agree, albeit with differences.

Release of Karabuff

Talking about the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Karin said the liberation of Karabakh opened a new page in history.

“Independence and participation in the land of Azerbaijan have opened a new page of history there with the liberation of Karabakh,” Crane said, adding that the conflict between Turkey and Armenia is “coming to an end in the Caucasus.” ..

Robbie of Armenia in the United States said anti-Turkish sentiment was part of its identity, Karin said: Collapse. “

Karin said Turkey and Armenia are taking steps to normalize their interrelationships and will bring further benefits to Yerevan.

He said Armenia is economically weak and under Russian leadership, so normalizing relations with Turkey would benefit the country both politically and economically.

Source: AA

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