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NATO warns Russia of “severe costs” if Ukraine attacks

NATO Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg warns Russia of “serious costs” if it launches a further attack on Ukraine yesterday, and crunch negotiations show the way to a diplomatic solution. Said he wanted.
Before meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mr. Stoltenberg said, “We are working hard towards a peaceful political path and working with Russia on a path towards a peaceful solution. I’m ready to find it. “
“At the same time, Russia must choose to use the army again and be prepared to choose conflict instead of cooperation.”
Stoltenberg was speaking when senior US and Russian officials held a high stakes conference in Geneva over the crisis.
Then tomorrow there will be talks between Russia and all 30 NATO allies in Brussels.
“We also need to send a very clear message to Russia. We are united and if Russia again uses military force against Ukraine, it will cost Russia seriously (economic and political). It will cost), “said Stoltemberg.
The alliance pointed out that it “helps to support Ukraine and maintain the right to self-defense.”
Stoltenberg did not expect to “solve all problems” at this week’s parley, but said he would like to begin the process for a political solution.
“We are aiming for an agreement, a process, and a series of meetings to move forward,” he said.
Moscow has set a number of security requirements for the United States and NATO, including excluding Ukraine from granting alliance membership and withdrawing troops close to Russia.
The United States and its allies say it is not up to Moscow to decide the path other nations will follow, but argue that they are ready to listen to Russia’s “concerns.”
Olga Stefanishyna, one of the four Deputy Prime Ministers of Ukraine, said:
“Russia demands unconditional surrender and undermines the basic principles of functioning democracies and the principles of NATO,” she said. “We believe Russia miscalculates the situation and relies heavily on its allies and their unity and affirmation to protect the security and stability of Europe.”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707766/Nato-warns-Russia-of-severe-costs-if-Ukraine-attac NATO warns Russia of “severe costs” if Ukraine attacks

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