NATO’s new security doctrine declares Russia a direct threat-Baltic News Network

Russia is a “serious and direct threat” to NATO. Meanwhile, China’s policies are actively causing problems with NATO’s interests, security and values, as stated in the new NATO Security Doctrine.

The document stated that NATO no longer considers Russia a strategic partner. At the same time, it is emphasized that the alliance does not want conflict and poses no threat to Russia.

Meanwhile, China is engaged in political, economic and military activities to exert its power.

As stated in the doctrine that NATO sees China for the first time.

At the summit in Madrid, NATO leaders signed a new strategic concept of the alliance that defines NATO’s goals and approaches for the next decade. Such a document was last passed in 2010.

NATO leaders also agreed to strengthen the defense of Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

There are also plans to increase NATO Response Force from 40,000 to 30,000.

The Baltic states, especially Estonia, took the eastern side of the alliance rather than relying on a model that changed NATO’s tactics after Russia invaded Ukraine and then provided the first withdrawal with the restoration of lost territory. We have put a lot of effort into more complete protection.

For the first time, NATO leaders touched on the topic of climate change, adding that this issue also increases the threat and has a significant impact on public safety.

NATO leaders have also promised to increase support for Ukraine, including the supply of weapons and military training.

US President Joe Biden announced on June 29 that he would not only increase the number of US troops stationed in the three Baltic countries, but also strengthen the NATO forces in Europe by land, sea and air. NATO’s new security doctrine declares Russia a direct threat-Baltic News Network

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