Nearly half of Slovenia participate in Mobility Week

Ljubljana/Maribor/Novo Mesto – Almost half of Slovenia’s municipalities kick off European Mobility Week on Friday to promote sustainable mobility by encouraging people to walk, bike or take public transport.

“Building bike paths, yellow lanes for public transport and new rail connections are just a few of the measures that will make sustainable mobility more accessible and very important for communities,” said Minister of Infrastructure Bojan. Kumer said ahead of Mobility Week.

“Projects such as European Mobility Week continue to raise awareness of the importance of positive mobility,” added Kumer.

Until Thursday, towns across Slovenia will organize group bike rides, free bike repairs, and kindergartens and schools will encourage students to arrive on foot or by bike.

In Ljubljana, some roads are closed on different days during Mobility Week. The project culminates on Thursday, marking a car-free day in many cities and towns across the country.

Ljubljana offers free public transport for drivers if they choose to park their car in one of the city-run Park+Ride car parks.

The city of Ljubljana is also planning to build several new bike parks, install additional bike racks in front of schools and kindergartens, and open the first covered bike park in the parking lot of Congress Square. increase.

Along with Ljubljana, Maribor is one of seven Slovenian municipalities to participate in Mobility Week since its inception 21 years ago.

“2022 is the European Youth Year and we will focus on raising awareness among young people,” said Andraž Mlaker, coordinator of Maribor Mobility Week.

Among other things, Maribor will be testing the Park+Ride service for the first time, with 30 NGOs hosting electric scooter safety workshops, skateboarding lessons, rollerblading parades and many more events throughout the week.

Novo Mesto, where public transport is free for the entire month of September, also hosts many events.

Similarly, public transport is free in Koper from Friday to Thursday, and residents can attend some events.

Kranj hosts a second-hand bike market and more, Kočevije introduces a new transport system in the town center and Medvode closes the roads in the city center to all vehicles for a month.

Celje, on the other hand, has made sustainable transition a strategic goal and, among other things, is gradually closing down its city centre.

Ahead of Traffic Safety Week, the Traffic Safety Agency has called attention to the safe use of electric scooters. So far this year, nearly 150 scooter users have been involved in accidents, resulting in two deaths. Last year, the total number of electric scooter users involved in accidents was just over his 100.

The most frequent causes of accidents involving electric scooters are high speed driving and ignoring priority. Of the approximately 150 accidents that occurred by mid-September, about 100 were caused by electric scooter users. This was also the case for the two fatalities. Nearly half of Slovenia participate in Mobility Week

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