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Neeraj Bishnoi, creator of the “Bulli Bai” app, was sent to police detention for 7 days

New Delhi: The district court detained an engineering student arrested by the Delhi police from Assam for creating a platform for swearing women in a particular community and Neeraj Bishnoi, creator of the “Bulli Bai” app, in police for seven days.

Bishnoy, who is said to be the main conspirator and creator of GitHub’s “BulliBai” and the main Twitter account owner of the app, is a special cell of the Delhi Police, IFSO (Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations Unit). Was arrested by.

Delhi police demanded a seven-day detention of Bishnoy produced in front of the Justice of the Peace’s house on Thursday.

Therefore, the justice of the peace allowed police to detain him for a week. The accused was detained from Assam by a team of IFSOs led by DCP KPS ​​Malhotra.

He is a resident of the village of Jorhat in Assam and was studying B.Tech in his second year of computer science at the Velor Institute of Technology in Bhopal.

According to police, Bishnoy created a list of women who want to be defamed online on digital devices, laptops and mobile phones in October. He was tracking female activists across social media and downloading their photos.

On January 1st, this app, running in a space on Github, posted photos of many women of a particular religion. These included journalists, social workers, students and celebrities. This happened six months after the Sulli Deals controversy.

Vishal Kumar Jha, an engineering student, was one of the followers of “Bulli Bai” who led the police to him.

The hosting platform Github provided space for “SulliDeals”, and “BulliBai” was created on top of it. Then, after the controversy broke out, Github removed the user “BulliBai” from the hosting platform. But by then it has caused national controversy.

The app was also promoted by a Twitter handle named @bulibai, showing photos of Khalistan supporters.

“The Twitter account was created on December 31st. He also revealed that he created another Twitter account @ Sage0x1 to tweet about the app. He keeps the news on social media. He created yet another Twitter account named @ giyu44, “said Malhotra.

Through these Twitter accounts, Bishnoy also launched an investigation and ridiculed Mumbai police, who had made several arrests, not to “arrest innocent people.”

https://www.siasat.com/bulli-bai-app-creator-neeraj-bishnoi-sent-to-7-day-police-custody-2254171/ Neeraj Bishnoi, creator of the “Bulli Bai” app, was sent to police detention for 7 days

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