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Neptune Energy Building Digital Twin in the Netherlands

Oil and gas company Neptune Energy is developing a new “digital twin” on two platforms in the North Sea of ​​the Netherlands. The company says it will allow engineers to work on land, shortening work schedules and reducing costs and environmental impact. Digital twins will also support the planning of Neptune’s major carbon capture and storage projects in the L10 region.

Eserv, a UK-based 3D technology specialist, is creating a digital version of the drilling and production platform for the L10-A complex, where a large offshore CCS project is planned.

The project follows the development of five digital twins of Neptune-operated platforms in the United Kingdom, Norway and other parts of the Netherlands. This will allow engineers and integrity professionals to perform an estimated 4,100 hours of work from land locations, improving efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions associated with international travel, Neptune Energy said. I am saying.

Kaveh Pourteymour, Chief Information Officer of Neptune Energy, said: We believe that their implementation will help accelerate our efforts to reuse existing facilities to provide large-scale CCS facilities. “

Proceeding with the CCS project in the L10 area will make it one of the largest CCS facilities in the North Sea of ​​the Netherlands, allowing the gas fields around the L10-A, L10-B and L10-E areas to be depleted and store more than 50. Become. Percentage of CO2 targeted by the Dutch industrial sector.

Rex de Groot, Managing Director of Neptune Energy, The Netherlands, said: Hydrogen production. Incorporating these state-of-the-art technologies enables work planning, plant equipment inspection, physical structural change monitoring, early and accurate identification of potential problems, and increased chances of success. It enables delivery on a much shorter time scale. “

According to Neptune Energy, developing digital twins of assets in the United Kingdom, Norway and the Netherlands allowed Neptune engineers to conduct surveys, inspections and verifications from land. The digital twins on the UK Cygnus platform also helped create detailed flight plans for drone-based surveys as part of a groundbreaking methane emission survey.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493286-neptune-energy-building-digital-twins-of-dutch-offshore-platforms-to-drive-ccs Neptune Energy Building Digital Twin in the Netherlands

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