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MullenLowe Romania and Riift Studio have put together a new Bold edition focused on how technology today has become such a broad concept that reaches all around us. PHYGITAL/IMMERSIVE, AR/VR/MX/XR, METAHUMAN, METAVERSE, DIGITAL ASSETS, Blockchain, and NFTs allow brands to communicate complex messages through simple and powerful ideas implemented by technologies such as avatars, virtual worlds, and multisensory. is just a small part of the language that conveys A full range of offline activations, installations, 3D mapping and experiential marketing.

At events attended by clients and their partners, agency teams learned that the physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly connected and confused, and that technology has become an integral part of our lives and daily activities. has been proved through concrete examples. Consumers prefer digital apps and channels for quick and regular communication, whether at work or communicating with people close to them or interest groups, for activities ranging from the most common to the very special. use technology for

According to, research shows that 74% of consumers are more likely to purchase a brand’s products after experiencing an emotional interaction with that brand. Top positioning, enhanced market share, increased sales, brand-building leadership in the industry and last but not least, the growth of a new generation of loyal customers, when brands choose to Some of the benefits you get. Integrate the latest technologies to create interactive, immersive and memorable experiences for consumers.

“Communication has evolved tremendously. Technology has done the same, giving us the opportunity to communicate even the most complex human emotions and feelings. and do the same for the relevant products, services and experiences that brands offer.Today we are able to tell a little bit of what we receive from technology and also integrate brands. as well as being customer-centric and helping brands create memorable experiences that until recently seemed like science fiction. It’s a hallmark of a brand that appreciates how it evolves.” MullenLowe Romania Executive Creative Director Silviu Antohe said:.

“Technology is the most aggressive selector on the planet, more aggressive than a meteor that fell millions of years ago. Consumers, artists, brands – our role is to bring these three heroes together and make technology easier for them to absorb, understand and implement.” Dumitru Gangaliuc, Creative Producer and Immersive Director at Riift Studio, said:

The potential for incorporating technology into brand activation varies, but those with more senses are likely to be more memorable as they create emotions that create a stronger bond between the brand and the consumer. . With the help of technology, even his normal OOH can be transformed into an expanding digital space on the phone. In this regard, MullenLowe Romania and Riift jointly developed his MURAL. This is a product that provides a way to make OOH right again.

By crossing the boundaries between IT and the creative realm, MullenLowe Romania and Riift Studio are able to address the common needs faced by brands, and through new media, connect the physical and digital worlds in creative and relevant ways for brands and consumers. helps connect the And new media art technology. New Bold editions including Immersive, Metaverse, Physical, NFT – The Romania Journal

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