New book explores food as diplomatic tool

Ljubljana – Slovenian ethnologist Janez Bogataj’s new book highlights the importance of gastronomic diplomacy, an often-overlooked topic in Slovenia, shedding light on food as a vehicle for communicating a country’s culture, traditions and interpersonal relationships. I’m here.

Hrana – Najstarejše Diplomatsko Orodje (Food – The Earlyest Tool of Diplomacy) is, according to publisher Hart, “a fundamental peace on gastronomic diplomacy in Slovenia, comparable to that found in other EU countries and around the world.” .

“Like food, the road to diplomacy is through the stomach,” editor Maya Jag Hartman said at the book launch Thursday, adding that Slovenian gastronomy has huge potential.

Bogatage feels that its potential has not been fully realized. “Overseas he has more than 11,000 restaurants, compared to Thailand, and Slovenia lags far behind with a couple of her,” he says Bogataj.

He feels it makes sense for the state to produce a document containing suggestions for what these restaurants should look like, graphic designs, menus and, above all, which dishes should be served. .

Slovenia’s gastronomic diplomacy strategy should also include guidelines for chefs, plans to acquire more food providers focused on ‘good’ fast food, and plans to open Slovenian culinary clubs nationally and internationally. be.

He believes that Slovenia’s gastronomic heritage should not be seen as outdated and belonging to a museum, but rather authentic yet modernized. New book explores food as diplomatic tool

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