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New Cabinet swear in heated parliamentary session

Congressman Spar in the first session in a few weeks • MP file to grill Defense Minister

By BIzzak

Kuwait: Yesterday, ministers insulted and harshly spoke at the first tense parliament after a 10-week suspension after the cabinet resigned, forcing speakers to postpone the meeting at some point. The day began with a vow that members of the new cabinet would become members of parliament under the Kuwaiti Constitution. The oath was boycotted by 13 opposition lawmakers as a sign of non-cooperation with the government.

Major exchanges were made between MP Obaid Al-Wasmi, Mohammad Al-Mutair, Thamer Al-Suwait, Khaled Al-Otaibi, Farz Al-Daihani, Saad Al-Khanfour, Fayez Al-Jamhour and more. The action of the day allowed opposition MP Hamdan al-Azemi to allow women to become soldiers to Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber al-Ali al-Saba, for billions of dollars. It culminated in a grill that took place over the alleged corruption in the deal. Of the Eurofighter fighter.

Hamdan has accused the minister of breaking national traditions by allowing Kuwaiti women to join the army as soldiers. He also said he would document the alleged corruption in the Eurofighter deal. The defense minister described the grill as a Kuwaiti woman and said she was ready to discuss the grill right now. The grill discussion will take place two weeks later.

In the vote to approve the minutes of the parliament, in addition to opposition lawmakers Wasumi and Daihani, three opposition lawmakers became ministers and voted with the government, so the opposition’s power increased from 31 to about 25. It clearly shows that it has shrunk significantly. At the end of the session, Chair Marzouq Al-Ghanem said the resignation of the former Cabinet would automatically remove all 11 grills on the agenda, in addition to the decision to postpone the grills to the Prime Minister.

Parliamentarians also exchanged harsh words when opposition parliamentarians filed a motion calling on Congress to approve a number of popular bills, but Mr. Ganem needs to study carefully, so they. He said it was impossible to discuss and approve everything. Congress then voted against 19 by 38 members to delay discussions on these bills, instead discussing Amiri’s speeches and government programs.

At this point, several opposition lawmakers were on the podium, preventing the Secretary-General from reading the decision and postponing the session to the speakers. During the session, Parliament agreed to ask the Public Fund Protection Commission to discuss why banks in Lebanon prevented Kuwaiti pensioners from withdrawing two deposits. MP Adnan Abdulsamad called for a delay in withdrawal because Lebanon needed funding. Congress will meet again today to discuss Amiri’s speech.

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