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New Captain Rohit is happy to nurture future leaders

Lucknow: Rohit Sharma said yesterday that he would be happy to assist in training potential successors after being recently appointed as Indian cricket captain in all forms on behalf of Virat Kohli. Star Buttsman was nominated as test captain on Saturday-he was already a whiteball skipper-but he turns 35 in April, so experts don’t expect his tenure to be longer. Hmm. The Indian Cricket Commission has identified three candidates in their twenties who may eventually follow him: Jaspari Bumura, KL Rahul, and Reshab Pants.

“I don’t have much of a role to tell them everything. Obviously they are all mature cricketers, but someone needs to be around them to help and guide them in difficult situations.” Rohit told his first press conference after taking over the test job. “It’s a natural process because we were cared for by someone else. Speaking of Bumrah, KL and Pant, they are also seen as leaders and at the same time play a major role in India’s success. Bumrah, 28, a pioneer of the Indian pace, has been appointed Deputy Captain in the next series of three T20s and two tests starting Thursday in Sri Lanka.

KL Rahul, 29, captain of the South African ODI team in January, remained unavailable due to an injury. The 24-year-old pants, the batter of the wicket-keeper who leads the Indian Premier League team Delhi Capitals, has also been nominated as a future captain by experts, including the batting of the great Sunil Gavaskull. “Again, we don’t want to put pressure on these people,” Rohit said. “They are very important to us, and at this point we just want them to enjoy the game, get out and do their (their) skills.”

“Great Mind”

Regarding Bumura’s promotion to a side job in the T20 and tests, Rohit said in 113 test wickets since his debut in 2018, that role only adds to his promise as a deadly high-speed bowler. .. “It doesn’t really matter if you’re a batter or bowler as a deputy captain. That individual heart is important, and I think Jasprit Bumrah has a great heart for the game,” Rohit said.

“Now it’s a good way to step into the leadership role. Obviously he took his game to the next level, and I’m sure he’ll keep it going further, but this is him. It’s just to add whatever you want to do in the field and give you confidence. ”Bumura was appointed as Deputy Captain for the first time in the ODI series in South Africa earlier this year. -AFP

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