New Citroen C5X

New Citroen C5X
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new The Citroën C5X is not a car to put a label on and be done with. It’s too perky.

Citroen is doing great. I mean, look at their line-up. Pretty alien, right? Scale the same model up as many constructors do, instead of scaling down normally. Yes, I’m talking Germans from Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

I just drove the new CX5 and it’s different. No. It’s different because the Citroën should be different. I still don’t know what this car is. A high-riding saloon with a crossover feel, or a crossover that drinks from a saloon layout. maybe a hatchback. I’ve also heard some of my colleagues say it’s like real estate.

Whatever it is, it’s something new and fresh and I like it. I’m sure it was along the lines of ‘I’ll come up with something different’. And to me, they were right. Citroën is a brand that above all needs to be different. In today’s industry, being different is much more difficult than being beautiful.

The last time a French name made a car this big was the C6, which dates back to 2005. Now the C6 is new he had little in common with the C5X, but it wasn’t beautiful or like any other car on the road. It wasn’t a huge success, but today it’s a cult car synonymous with audacity in a sea of ​​conservative 3-box sedans. Look at the classic magazines, the C6 is starting to show up, while modern rivals are just old cars.

So the new C5X has many challenges and should be one better than the C6. It has to be commercially popular as well as critically acclaimed. It sits on a platform shared with many other Citroëns and Peugeots, is a steel monocoque, front-wheel drive only, and offers the option of pure petrol and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

On the road, the CX5 is everything you’d expect from a top-of-the-range Citroën and is supremely comfortable. CEO Vincent Cobée said, “We want to be remembered for enhancing comfort and elevating it to the level of care.” It is cool. Good writing that really makes you want to believe him. It also shows that Mr. Cove understands what the double chevron symbol is.

I tried riding a range topper plug-in hybrid. It combines a 1.6 petrol engine with an electric motor to produce 225 horsepower via an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The electric cruising range is up to 55km. To reach its full potential, you should leave in the morning with a full battery. Otherwise, a petrol engine alone will be less efficient than a diesel car with comparable power. This is one of the compromises that comes with hybrids. If drivers want to make the most of its capabilities, they will have to adapt to hybrids.

The car always feels sophisticated and the integration of petrol and electric is perfect. It does a great job on long highway trips and along some open A roads. Rolling comfort and sound isolation show that this is a Citroën with world-class engineering.

Inside, the C5X is huge. As you’d expect from a 4.8m French estate (estate?), there’s plenty of room for all passengers, and even the sloping roofline doesn’t make the rear seats unsuitable for tall adults. There is none. The boot has a volume of 545 litres, but the materials are the best I’ve seen in a Citroen so far, as is the fit and finish.

New Citroen C5X

The C5X is the kind of car that I feel deserves to be built. It is ingenious and a maker of its own way. This is no easy task. The executive saloon market is very small, smaller than the first three Germans.No one really wants a Ford Mondeo or a Volkswagen Passat, right? I’m afraid not. But some people buy this car because they really want it.

Therefore, the C5X cannot currently be positioned on the market as a cheap alternative, as it is not where Citroën wants to go with the brand. So the C5X starts at just over €34,000 for his 1.2 130hp version with petrol only, and goes up to under €45,000 for the car I drove. Expensive or cheap is up to you, but give it a try before you head to your next Audi showroom. you may end up buying one.

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