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New fortress energy to deploy “high-speed LNG”

Under the MOU, NFE will deploy “fast LNG” liquefaction technology to produce LNG for the domestic gas and electricity markets as well as international exports in the Atlantic coastal basin off Mauritania. NFE will supply natural gas to both the existing 180 MW Somorek power plant and the new 120 MW combined cycle power plant to be developed.

“The production of liquefied natural gas from these areas using our innovative FastLNG liquefaction equipment will help accelerate the global transition to cleaner fuels,” he said. Wes Edens, Chairman and CEO of NFE. “The supply of natural gas and state-of-the-art electricity infrastructure provides more affordable, reliable and cleaner electricity, supporting Mauritania’s industrial development and sustainable economic growth, while at the same time being the top of clean LNG. Unleash the potential to become an exporter. And blue ammonia. “

According to the NFE, its “fast LNG” liquefaction design combines the latest advances in modular medium-sized liquefaction technology with jackup rigs or similar floating infrastructures, “much lower than today’s floating liquefaction ships. Allows for a rapid deployment schedule at a cost. ”

“NFE is in advanced discussions to deploy this technology in several other markets around the world, including off the United States,” NFE said.

“Morritania’s natural gas production and electricity infrastructure supports industrial development and reduces emissions and pollution by providing cleaner, more affordable and reliable alternative fuels to petroleum-based fuels. The MOU is not binding on the actual terms of the parties and future decisive terms. The agreement may differ from the terms of the MOU. “

New Fortress Energy purchased two jack-up drilling rigs from Danish offshore drilling company Maersk Drilling earlier this year for $ 31 million.

Maersk Drilling announced in May that New Fortress Energy will use two jack-ups for purposes other than drilling as part of its planned Fast LNG project.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493031-new-fortress-energy-to-deploy-fast-lng-to-develop-mauritania-s-offshore-gas-reserves New fortress energy to deploy “high-speed LNG”

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