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New Galaxy A735G for unfiltered creativity

Smartphones are a powerful tool for self-expression, with more multimedia opportunities than ever before, and a device that customers can carry to capture the beauty that surrounds them and experience their own creative touch. looking for. Although emerging technologies, many such devices have just become inaccessible. That’s why Samsung’s Galaxy A series is so special. Fiery ultra-fast 5G connectivity, two days of battery life, and more room to retain memories and most precious moments: The brand new Galaxy A73 5G brings the latest technology to everyone’s fingertips. Affordable, sophisticated and powerful device – Awesome is really suitable for everyone.

Burning 5G. It is strongly connected.

It’s time to enter the next chapter. Ultra-fast 5G connectivity enables creative mobile experiences and greatly enhances them at the next level of speed. Users can share photos and videos faster than ever. Feel the true connection to seamless streaming, instant sharing, and the power to put your thoughts into action in the blink of an eye.

Capture the details that make all the difference

With the Galaxy A73 5G camera, there is no limit to user creativity. The new high-resolution 108MP sensor captures stunning detail with 108MP remosaic shots and more brightness with 12MP binning shots. You can also see details with deep learning-based detail enhancers, easily catch distant objects with hybrid optic zoom, and reduce noise with big pixel sensors.

Ready and steadily go

The most dynamic moments are now reproducible. OIS and advanced VDIS technology work in sync, so the Galaxy A73 5G captures stable, crisp video, and Enhanced HDR keeps details alive with delicate color representation in both bright and dark light. Consumers can express themselves in every way with the new Snapchat lens, which is regularly updated in fan mode! Users can browse and try out their favorites, look good, and share with friends.

Keep memories

We have a lot. With 128GB / 256GB internal storage and support for up to 1TB of microSD cards, users have room to spend valuable moments. 5,000mAh (standard) battery for more time streaming, sharing, games and more. Users can quickly revive the Galaxy with ultra-fast charging up to 25W, enable adaptive power savings and improve overall battery performance.

The most elegant game changer

The elegant lines of the Galaxy A73 5G are meticulously designed for optimal performance and beauty. With an ultra-slim bezel, an incredibly light display, and an Ambient Edge, the seamless camera housing is all housed in a thin frame that extends battery life. Powered by the Snapdragon® 778G 5G, the Galaxy A735G transforms the mobile multimedia lifestyle with professional-level gaming and accelerated AI for smarter performance and a premium capture experience. RAM Plus provides an additional virtual RAM boost if the user needs more.

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