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New Lincoln Navigator arrives in Middle East with refreshed exterior, new interior options and intuitive technology

The new Lincoln Navigator arrives in the Middle East, blending an updated exterior, refreshed infotainment system and stylish new interior options.

With its spacious interior, confident exterior, advanced technology and unrivaled comfort, the Navigator is one of the Middle East’s most sought-after large luxury SUVs.

The exterior of the navigator has also been redesigned. At the front, a new signature grille is complemented by standard Adaptive Pixel Projector headlamps. The rear uses a new 3D tail lamp that fades out from the center to the outside when welcoming guests, and from the outside to the center when parting, creating a sense of depth and dynamism with LED lights.

The new Navigator interior is packed with technology that prioritizes a seamless, connected and personalized experience for driver and passenger. These include Ford’s his SYNC4 infotainment system that can recognize individual voices for hands-free control of the enhanced navigation operating system via a new larger 13.2-inch center screen. Meanwhile, the driver is free to set the information he needs on his reimagined 12-inch head-up display without taking his eyes off the road.

Driver and front passenger can enjoy the unparalleled comfort provided by 30-way Perfect Position seats that offer an upgraded massage system. A brand-new 5.8-inch digital module allows second-row passengers to control seat position, climate control, and audio settings. In addition, the rear seats can be kept cool with standard seat ventilation, while Active Motion Massage seats offer the ultimate in comfort for the first time in its segment.

Lincoln has always prided itself on providing a luxury experience for every rider. The new Navigator continues this tradition, adopting his two new interior his themes: Central Park and Invitation. Central Park offers a rich contrast of open-pore dark walnut that runs the length of the instrument panel and laser-engraves the scenic pathways of America’s most-visited urban park. increase. Meanwhile, the Invitation is equipped with an industry-first dual he laser-etched and proprietary open-pore kaya wood that extends across the instrument panel and center console. To Chalet and Yacht Club he adds two new themes, offering a total of four options to suit a wide range of aesthetic tastes.

To add to the luxury feel, Lincoln partnered with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) to provide a soothing aural environment for the new Navigator. In Detroit his DSO, where he has been performing for over 130 years, recorded his six unique symphonic his chimes for the Navigator. These chimes play in place of standard electronic alerts, letting drivers know about everything from seat belts being unfastened to fuel hatches being open.

These chimes award-winning Acoustic Revel Ultima 3D Audio System – 28 speakers surround the occupants with rich, accurate, multi-dimensional sound for a truly 360-degree listening experience. concert hall.

Stunning design, rich audio and unparalleled comfort are at the heart of the new Navigator, but so is the driving experience. With a responsive powertrain complemented by excellent handling, Lincoln’s flagship SUV delivers in spades. Under the hood, an advanced 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine delivers an impressive 440 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft. of torque.

A suite of advanced driver assistance technologies also ensures an intuitive and comfortable driving experience. Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview is Navigator’s latest update in this category. Twelve sensors, including a front-facing camera, scan body movement, vehicle movement, steering, acceleration and braking 500 times per second and automatically prompt adjustments up to 100 times. Second, reduce the unpleasant effects. Other standard features include Intersection Assist, which uses a camera and radar to warn the driver about an oncoming left turn and automatically applies the brakes, and side sensors to help the driver navigate tight spaces. These include Active Park Assist 2.0, which assists in a comfortable exit.

Other standard features include Forward Collision Warning, Post-Collision Braking, Distance Alert, Dynamic Brake Assist, Pedestrian Detection, Auto Hold, Hill Start/Descent Assist, Automatic Headlamps, Voice Activated Touchscreen Navigation and Adaptive Cruise Control. there is.

The new segment leader, the Lincoln Navigator, is available for test drive in showrooms in the Middle East now. There, you’ll see for yourself the luxury SUV’s unique regional premium touches, forward-thinking design and intuitive technology.

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