New Sector Agreement for Allied Assistants

The Department of Health has signed a new sectoral agreement for allied assistants employed in the public sector, in partnership with the United States Union – Workers’ Voice.

The signed agreement guaranteed, among other things, improved career progression for current and future employees, more opportunities for Allied Assistants to continue their studies through new courses. MQF Level 5 is for faster career advancement and increased benefits.

The agreement was signed by Undersecretary of Health Joseph Cekti, Chief Physician Walter Bustil, representing the Ministry of Health, and Joseph Vera and Annalize Kasha, representing UħM.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fern, who presided over the signing, thanked the parties for their cooperation in reaching this agreement and commended the ongoing training opportunities referenced in the agreement. As with other contracts signed this year, He conveyed his best wishes to all Allied assistants.

Photo: MFH

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1 New Sector Agreement for Allied Assistants

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