New Sevdalinka music coming to Krisanke tonight

Tonight, a concert called Subalpine Sevdah will be held at the Križanke open-air venue to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the arrival of refugees from Ljubljana-Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two acts that combine Bosnian Sevdalinka music with jazz and rock rhythms will be on stage with Slovenian musician Vlado Kreslin and Sevdalinka star Damir Imamović.

The two bands Dertum and Vali were founded by Slovenian Bosnian refugees and their musical friends. Both have played an important role in preserving Sevdalinka music and transforming it into a more modern form called the new Sevdalinka.

More than 20 years later, the former members of the two bands will meet again, especially on this occasion, with Kreslin, a big fan of Sevdah working with tonight’s concert stars Vali and Immanović.

Singers Vesna Andree Zaimović, AidaČorbadžić, Asja Dupanovic, Sanela Ajkić, Sandra Jelin Kadrić, Maida Džinić will also appear on stage with guitarists Milan Bijeljac, Valerij Bartulović, Erol Hadžimušović and Admir Prguda.

In case of bad weather, the concert will be held in Kuklarna.

Subalpine Sevdah is a humorous name for the musical genre played by the band tAman, the successor to Dertum, created after the concert in Ljubljana.

Tonight’s concert is the culmination of a series of events from April to July to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the arrival of refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prior to the concert, a roundtable will be held at the Ljubljana City Museum on how to respond to the refugee crisis. This week, there will be several other events, including a new Sevdalinka music debate at Vodnikova Domačija and a photo exhibition at Galerija Fotografija that brings personal stories of refugees seen by Mladina photographers every week. New Sevdalinka music coming to Krisanke tonight

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