New “Slaughter of Pigs” Crypto Romance Scam Appears in Florida

Florida residents warned about new Crypto Romance scam It operates under the names “Slaughter of Pigs” and “Slaughter of Pigs”. The name alone should be enough to get anyone running away, but for some reason, this scam has made its way to several online dating platforms and social media sites, making it the latest scam of its kind to fully take shape. increase.

New Online Cryptocurrency Scam Is A-Brewin’

This kind of scam is nothing new, but the fact that it’s so common suggests there are plenty of lonely people out there who get hooked on someone the moment they think they’re interested. It’s an unfortunate sight, but it’s even more disappointing that so many of these people continue to be taken advantage of.

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis said the scheme of the scam is very similar to several other cryptocurrency romance scams that have come to light in recent years. Someone meets a potential spouse online. Things start off well and they find themselves talking constantly and suddenly one of them starts investing in this new crypto opportunity they discovered Suggest to others what they need.

From there, those intrigued by the idea of ​​making money and collecting investments will start putting their hard-earned cash into crypto wallets that are monitored and controlled by illegal actors. They seem to be making a profit, so if they are urged to put more money into their accounts, they will do so quickly, thinking things could easily get better.

But before they have a chance to react, the suspected spouse disappears entirely, along with all the money put into the account. Scammers walk away rich men or women, but leave potential victims with broken hearts, bruised egos, and empty pockets. Patronis explained:

As Florida embraces new technology and innovation, consumers should remain vigilant against fraud, especially as new financial products such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more popular. Cryptocurrency scams have defrauded millions of unsuspecting cryptocurrency investors, many of whom have been scammed over months through online dating apps. Persons should conduct an investigation and should not send funds to anyone they believe to be suspicious, untrustworthy, or have not verified their identity. You can also kiss your money goodbye. If he believes he has been a victim of fraud, he should immediately report it to Always remember. If the opportunity seems too good, it really is.

Florida needs attention

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is telling Florida people never to mix online dating with investment advice.

Also, only scammers ask for crypto payments.

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