New threat to Brussels bazooka: “The resident population is clearly not enough to respond”

Another cloud suddenly appeared on the landscape that was to be transformed by Bazooka in Brussels with no return on billions of euros..

Pedro Dominguinhos, chairman of the National Committee for PRR (Resilience and Resilience Plan) Accompaniment, said: The population in Portugal is clearly not enough to accommodateFor all projects that need to be implemented.

His solution: Attract foreign workers (for that reason Immigration obstacles have already been removed) And adopt a “re-skilling” strategy.

According to jornaleconomico online (JM) Lack of workers and competence is one of the biggest challenges not only for PRR, but also for the implementation of PT2030 and other projects that companies have on the course.“.

“Maintain talent” (it is not shown here if this means that talented people are seen suddenly leaving the country) and “to prepare the business structure for this transformational move. “Adopt a re-skilling strategy” is another purpose.

“One of the biggest challenges we face” is the level of “human resources ability”. A rather harsh sentence from PS Prime Minister’s claim that “Portugal has never had such a qualified young man” has entered the employment market...

Therefore, instead of this highly qualified lake that Portugal has to choose, “we are in front of a serious challenge,” said the man who took over from Antonio Costa Silva (originally accompaniment, but Later “promoted” to the Minister of Economy and the Sea).

“We need to find alternative resources” (meaning people), he said, “and fortunately we have the financial resources to make it possible to attract these people. “… from another country.

“We must have the ability to hold and train,” added Elsa Henriques, a jury trial at Mobilizing Agendas. It is an “opportunity given to the enterprise” and these must be “must be used to make a jump”.

Rui Rocha, Secretary of CENTIMFE, a technical center for industry and molds, specialty tools and plastics, told JM: Permanent adaptation and highly accelerated rhythm“.The People’s questions are the main focusHe said online.

“we are It’s not just a lack of people and abilitiesBut mainly There is a shortage of people who can embrace this process of transformation That we are alive. Without team involvement, it’s very difficult to implement transformation in your business (…) investing money isn’t enough and you need to transform … “

He added that making this “leap into the future” even more “challenging” is the difficulty of accessing raw materials. New threat to Brussels bazooka: “The resident population is clearly not enough to respond”

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