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New York is considering making outdoor dining a permanent facility

The plan to give thousands of “streaters” outside the restaurant a permanent position is backed by Mayor Eric Adams and the New York Hospitality Alliance, an industry group.

Opponents say eating outdoors created unsanitary conditions, helped attract mice to the sidewalks, complained of noise in some areas, and reduced the number of parking spaces available.

The Unified Firefighters Association has complained that the huts are narrowing the streets, delaying the response and not being able to safely lift the ladder to the windows.

The coalition for fair urban policy, an alliance between local businesses and residents, held a “chuck hut” protest rally over the weekend.

The 51-member council will vote on the bill at a later date if passed by the committee’s vote.

Outdoor cafes were temporarily allowed under the “Open Restaurant” initiative to offset the pandemic closure of indoor dining, after which strict capacity restrictions were imposed.

Restaurants quickly installed a makeshift structure between plywood and plastic sheets, and many later installed more elaborate structures. Some have heaters, suggesting that the program wanted to stay here.

City officials and the restaurant industry are praising initiatives that prevent thousands of restaurants from closing completely and allow tens of thousands of workers to continue working.

According to online trackers, more than 12,000 restaurants in New York, once the epicenter of the pandemic, participated in the program, with 360 streets closed by car to expand space for dining in outdoor restaurants.

Marjorie Velázquez, a councilor who sponsored the bill, said the temporary program saved more than 100,000 jobs throughout the city.

“Beyond the positive economic benefits, outdoor dining has rethought what the city can do in our city,” said Velázquez, chair of the hearing committee.

A council member of the hearing on Tuesday wondered if the city’s transport department had the ability to oversee such a program.

Concerned about the thousands of recorded complaints against some restaurants, some wondered what standards and enforcement measures would be taken to ensure safety and cleanliness. ..

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/709531/New-York-considers-making-outdoor-dining-a-permane New York is considering making outdoor dining a permanent facility

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