New York to ease gun law after judgment

The Supreme Court’s ruling allows the state to codify “sensitive areas.” Weapons can be banned there, but large areas cannot be gunless zones.

New York legislators met at an emergency meeting yesterday to ease state gun usage and establish a constitutional right for people to carry weapons in public for self-defense. The groundbreaking US Supreme Court Complied with the judgment of.

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling was a case that challenged New York’s 100-year-old gun license law. A conservative majority of six judges in court demand that law-abiding people be provided with “reasonable reasons” or some special need for a hidden pistol license for self-defense. It was ruled that it was unconstitutional to do.

Shortly thereafter, New York Governor Kathy Hokul ordered an extraordinary meeting of Congress in Albany to amend the state’s gun law in line with the ruling.

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The efforts of New York legislators to pierce the needles to maintain as many gun controls as possible while complying with the Supreme Court, including groups that support guns such as the National Rifle Association, are carefully watched.

The court’s ruling made it easier to challenge or overturn the law governing weapons.

The Democratic-controlled legislature in New York, which was defeated for the summer vacation, is also expected to codify what the Supreme Court called a “sensitive place.”

The court said it was likely to accept courthouses, schools and government buildings as delicate locations, but would be frowned upon by the widespread application of the label.

The ruling clearly warned lawmakers that nothing could effectively make the entire island of Manhattan a sensitive place.

In a New York Rifle and Pistol Association v Brune decision, the court said the gun regime in California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Washington, DC was also unconstitutional.

The amended law needs to be more closely similar to the gun law of the 43 states identified by the court. The court ruled that people with certain types of criminal records or mental illness could still be denied rights, but authorities have less discretion to refuse people’s gun licenses. To carry weapons.

New York lawmakers have clues from such words, and only if it resembles the restrictions on weapons found in US history, especially in the 18th century, from the tests set in the Constitutional Weapons Regulations. May get. Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment has been ratified.

The current gun license rules in New York were codified in 1913.

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