Newly surfaced documents claim Chechen fighters raped ‘DNR’ soldier

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In documents posted on Telegram, a group of women, reportedly the wives and mothers of soldiers of the “Donetsk militia,” allege that their relatives were raped by Chechen soldiers.

A statement the women reportedly sent to the head of the “DNR”, Denis Pushirin, said: It was published On Telegram channel DNR Batman on Sept. 27. Confirmed credibility of the statement.

According to the documents, the victims were two soldiers of the “Second Corps” of the “Donetsk People’s Army” who were conscripted in the city of Dokchaevsk.

An unprecedented incident occurred near the village of Berestove, where our soldiers were repelling an attack from the Ukrainian National Battalion. His two soldiers from the DNR People’s Militia […] People mobilized from Dokuchaevsk and who worked in the city hall before being mobilized were raped by Chechens while their fellow servicemen watched.Other soldiers who wanted to protect our boys were threatened [by the Chechens,] who promised to shoot them “like dogs.”

The statement also tried to cover up the incident, stating that “the military command does not want to be involved in a confrontation with Ramzan Kadyrov’s subordinates.”

The message is dated September 23rd. Contains nine names and signatures. Neither the Chechen authorities nor the self-proclaimed “DNR” administration have commented on the allegations.

In wartime, it is not always possible for journalists to immediately verify reports from third parties. Newly surfaced documents claim Chechen fighters raped ‘DNR’ soldier

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