News Digest: A madly in love Sudanese dentist secretly marries a Slovak woman, but

Slovakia’s position in the Corruption Perceptions Index, investments in the Orava region and early election dates have been set.

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Consumer Price Index Ranking: Slovakia Cosmetics Improvement

Slovakia slightly Moved up the rankings of Transparency Internationalthe Corruption Perceptions Index, although this positive change is seen more as a result of stagnation in other countries.

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Slovakia ranks 49th in the latest rankings examining perceptions of corruption in 180 countries. In 2021, Slovakia finished 56th.

Still, nonprofits remain vigilant for the expected snap election.

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“The world gone crazy”

Jozef Biľis a Slovak living in New York who makes music in his free time.

he recently released catchy song It’s a reaction to how much the world has changed, not necessarily for the better, and what his generation experienced as children won’t come back.

More than ten years ago Biľ wrote: fun song About people who spend a lot of time on Facebook.

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in a few lines:

  • Early parliamentary elections will be held in Slovakia on September 30 Following Tuesday night’s parliamentary vote. Of his 148 MPs who attended the debate room, 92 of him supported the proposal.

  • Ukraine criticizes Austrian group Raiffeisen Bank International. The group has not left the Russian market despite Russia’s war in Ukraine. The group owns his 78% stake in Tatra Banka, a Slovak bank. Tatra Banka says the scandal has nothing to do with them, pointing out that they are not active in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. (Small and medium-sized enterprises)

  • Hungary join Poland and Czech Republic To protect Slovak airspace Until next year, the United States will have to offer a new national F-16 jet delay.

  • The Berlin Court of Appeals Vietnamese citizen32, to five years in prison for his involvement in 2017 Vietnamese entrepreneur kidnapping case Chin Xuan Tan, a former Communist Party official. The businessman, now imprisoned by Vietnam’s communist regime, was abducted from Germany to Vietnam via the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A Slovak government plane was used for the abduction, No one is on trial in Slovakia to help with the kidnapping.Investigations in Slovakia still openAttorney General Maros Zlinka has questioned Slovakia’s involvement in the scandal.

  • Ján Budaj, Caretaker Environment Minister (OĽaNO), has unveiled Slovakia’s first draft climate law. According to the bill, Slovakia will become carbon neutral by 2050 and will have negative greenhouse gas emissions in five years. The bill sets a number of specific and sectoral targets, but no specific measures. There is still a long way to go before the bill is adopted as it has just been sent to an interdepartmental comment procedure. (Small and medium-sized enterprises)

  • The Gorals want to become an official minority. They have already submitted an application for certification to the Ministry of Justice. In February Vietnamese may be officially recognized As the country’s 14th minority.

Wednesday Weather: Cloudy sky. Snow in many places, rain and sleet in lower elevations. Daily temperatures range from 3°C to 8°C and -2°C to 2°C in some parts of northern Slovakia. The mountains are windy.Several yellow warning (wind, ground ice, snowfall, snowdrifts) will occur in western and central Slovakia on Wednesday.

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