News Digest: Close But No Cigars – Slavic Language Is Much Different Than You Think

Bratislava has restored 10 barbecue spots in the municipal forest. It has been 11 years since he died in the airstrike that claimed the lives of hockey players, including his demitra, Pabol in Slovakia. It also explains why Irish dailies consider Bratislava an underrated destination.

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Bratislava restores 10 official spots for grilling in its Forest Park

Mestské lesy v Bratislave is a municipal forestry company in Bratislava, Renovated and restored 10 yakiniku restaurants in Shinrin Park it manages. The grill and toast can now be reused at designated locations, so visitors can already use them. As of last weekend, firefighters lifted the ban on barbecue fires that had been in place due to the dry weather.

As quoted by the TASR newswire, “We appreciate the patience and adherence to the ban of visitors to the forest park,” said Malek Paba, who is in charge of managing the city department. “The new fire pit is a comfortable complement to the temporary restrictions and will make many barbecue enthusiasts happy during the fall recreational season.”

anniversary of the week

Next Wednesday, September 7th, marks the 11th anniversary of the plane crash in Russia that claimed the lives of 43 people. Slovak star Pabol Demitra.

Today’s feature article

Croatian linguist who made Slovak his life’s work

For example, it is a common misconception among non-Slavic foreigners that Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians and Bulgarians can easily understand each other’s languages.

“The Slavic languages ​​are close, especially in terms of basic vocabulary. [would be able to] It’s an exaggeration to understand each other’s language.” Croatian linguist Sinisa Habijanec.

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  • on mondaySeptember 5 the grade is Formally Start from Slovakia.
  • Slovak tourists are heading not only to Spain but also to Italy, Greece and Cyprus in the weekend before schools reopen., based on data from flight booker They spend an average of about €100 per him on plane tickets.
  • Cabinet on Friday approved a plan to allocate funds from the EU Recovery Plan to large regional hospital projectsThe plan allocates 1.3 billion euros to the healthcare sector.
  • September begins with disastrous road tolls in the Bratislava region, Where 3 people died Traffic accidents – car passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists.
  • After a year of pandemic break, The International Roman Festival Gypsy Fest returns to the capital. For its 14th year, it will take place today and tomorrow (September 2-3) at Bratislava’s Main Square.
  • of Garbage incinerator in Bratislava At Vlčie Hrdlo, run by the municipal waste collection and disposal company (OLO), experience the biggest technological shutdown in 20 yearsMaintenance is scheduled from October 8th to December 12th.

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