News Digest: Coach of the Nervous Slovak Ice Hockey Team Before Every Match

The legendary cafeteria may be replaced by an apartment. There are new minerals in Slovakia. See today’s digest for more information.

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good eveningThis is the edition on Thursday, May 12th Today in Slovakia -Main news of the day within 5 minutes.

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Articles continue after video ads

The legendary cafeteria may be replaced by an apartment

Very few restaurant businesses in Bratislava can be called immortal. Jedáleňu Orbána (Orbán’s Canteen) is one of them.

In a sense, it offers a journey into the era of communism. People who dine in small restaurants accept its “old-fashionedness” and praise its credibility.

But the future of this food facility is uncertain.. New real estate projects, including the construction of flats, could replace the small restaurants on Malý Trh Street. We plan to build a total of 17 apartments on the second floor and above. A luxurious flat with a terrace and green space should be built on the 6th floor.

This project also includes activation of Malý Trh. Streets need to form a more important part of public space. The restaurant is still open at this time as the owner has not received a document leading to the termination of the lease.

Craig Ramsey: I’m always nervous before the match

In a daily interview with Sme, the Canadian coach of the Slovak ice hockey team admitted that he was always nervous before the event. Shortly before the 2022 tournament begins, he assures us that his boy will work hard.

“I want to do my best and I want the team to do their best. I’ve spent a lot of effort and time choosing a team and setting directions,” said the coach.

Craig Ramsey also shared his views on the opponents of Slovak players in the group, which some fans and experts simply call compared to the teams they faced last year. I touched on the difference between the new team and the team that won the bronze medal at the Olympics. It also celebrates the 20th anniversary of Slovakia’s gold medal at the 2002 tournament in Gothenburg.

“It’s been a big achievement for players from years ago and they should be very proud.” You can read the entire interview Here..

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Refugees from Ukraine

  • On May 11, 1,580 women, 764 men and 448 children crossed the border between Slovakia and Ukraine. The total number of refugees who have arrived in Slovakia since the beginning of the war is about 416,000, with more than 75,000 seeking temporary protection.

  • The city of Kežmarok has introduced an information guide to help the people of Ukraine. The person can be found at the first contact point of the city hall.

  • The waiting time at the Ubia border intersection in the Snina district towards Ukraine is currently 168 hours. The reason is that vehicles purchased by Ukrainians in EU countries and used to travel to Ukraine can only be processed at this intersection.

Photo of the day

Today, scientists have released the first image of a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy called Sagittarius A *. So far, there has been only indirect evidence of its existence.

This photo was captured by an array of eight linked radio observatories around the world. You cannot see the black hole itself, but you can see the glowing gas, which is a ring-shaped structure around it.

Featured article of the day

European Minerals Day takes place on May 12th. Slovakia has long chased behind the world in search of new minerals. But this is slowly starting to change. Over the last five years, Slovak scientists have discovered and described five new minerals.

The latest additive, called Argent Polybasite, was announced in early April 2022. This mineral is of particular interest because it does not contain copper. According to current knowledge of the group to which the mineral belongs, its occurrence in nature should not be possible. But here it is.

Geologist Martin Stephko talks to the Slovak audience that not only the latest minerals, but also recent discoveries, notable past discoveries in Slovakia, some minerals have such complex names. I also talked about why I am.

Slovakia has newly identified minerals read more

In other news

  • In a social media post, Prime Minister Eduard Hager expressed his support for Finland to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In his opinion, this decision not only enhances Finland’s security, Democratic Europe too..
  • Talking about the Braňo Závodský Live radio show, Sme Rodina’s chair, Boris Kollár, confirmed that three or four members could attend the caucuses. Currently, the caucuses are made up of 17 members. But he didn’t specify the names of the MPs that could join them. It is rumored that Catalina Hatrakova and Romana Tobacco, members of parliament who are independent of former ordinary people, may attend the caucuses. Both were kicked out after failing to vote Whether Robert Fico should be granted pretrial detention.
  • Meteorologists recorded the first summer day in Slovakia.. Temperatures exceeded 25 degrees Celsius in multiple locations for the first time.
  • Employees of Riddle’s discount chain gathered in the mountains above the village of Marzina in Rotatra to help the foresters help plant trees. This morning they planted 9,000 treesBreaking the 2019 record with 500 young plants.
  • Police officers were shot dead during training at the Lešť military training center. The injured man was immediately taken to the hospital for surgery. He is in a stable condition. No further details were provided.
  • Poprad Tatri Airport has shown above average interest in flights for the upcoming summer season. Compared to last year, the current plan is 50 charter flights. The numbers may not be final. The airport has established a charter line between Tel Aviv and Poprad and is about to renew the Poprad-Riga line.
  • The tombstone site of the Jewish inhabitants of Prievidza was discovered by workers during a field survey. Tombstones probably come from the second half of the 19th century. According to historian Eric Klizan, this could be a discovery of this century for Prievidza.
  • From May 16th, the national airliner ZSSK will suspend two high-speed trains.One from Gilina to Kosice and the other in the opposite direction. The reason is that carriers need to save money.. Both lines will be restored on December 10th.

We support the protection of Slovakia.Commander, a Czech paratrooper with Afghan experience read more

Belize or Palestine.Slovakia negotiates a Covid vaccine donation with five countries read more

Bear attack, tourists seriously injured read more

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